There is nothing worse than taking down all your Christmas + NYE decorations and being left with stark walls and empty rooms. From using garlands as wall decor to repurposing ornaments as ceiling pendants, we love any excuse to reuse all our favorite holiday decorations. So instead of becoming those off-keel neighbors with their Christmas lights up until July, here are some more creative ways to sneakily keep your holiday decorations up year-round with zero judgment from your friends.

1. Paper Ornaments ($18 for a set of 8): When it’s time to put your much-loved Christmas tree on the sidewalk (… tear), hang these colorful DIY gems from a single branch or mount a few on the wall for a pop of color. (via Brit + Co)

2. Fairy Lights: String lights are always a good idea, no matter what the season. Hanging them across a hall or entryway adds ambiance and ensures you won’t stub your toes in the dark. (via Ikea)

3. Wooden Beads: We firmly believe that you can never have too much swag around the house. This simple DIY wooden bead garland with geometric accents looks great on and off the tree. (via The House That Lars Built)

4. Repurpose the Cones: Instead of throwing out all your pinecone decor, put them in pretty glass containers for a rustic, country accent to your side table vignettes. (via Moutainside Bride)

5. Glitter Feathers: Even though feathers are trending as holiday decorations, you can, and should, still use them to spruce up your nest during the rest of the year. (via Lia Griffith)

6. DIY Gold Leaf Flower Pots: These glamorous, gilded pots are perfect for showcasing your poinsettias, and work just as well with any succulent or flower you plant in the New Year. (via Brit + Co)

7. Pantone Wreath: Bring your wreaths in from the cold and use them as colorful wall art by adding ribbon or sequins to match your room’s colors. (via Nest of Posies)

8. Holiday Wooden Shelf: Into woodworking? Make this modern tree for holiday displays but be ready to keep it around for showcasing everything from photos to your indoor plants. (via Paper ‘n Stitch Blog)

9. Geometric Garlands: Shine bright all year by hanging your geo garlands vertically to make 3D wall decorations, or drape them over your mantel to add a little pizzaz. (via Getting Married in Denmark)

10. Green Wreaths: Divide up all the greenery from the holidays and make simple wreaths for a textural and earthy wall piece that looks good even after they’ve dried out. (via Brooke Schultz Photography)

11. Copper State Ornaments ($24): Show off your home-state pride during the holidays and keep flaunting it into the New Year. (via Brit + Co)

12. Modern Advent Calendar: Who says the countdown has to be ’til Christmas? We are digging the bright colors of this calendar so much that we might just fill it with treats again and countdown to Valentine’s Day. (via The Sweet Escape)

13. Ornament Cluster: Take a favorite collection of ornaments — bought or DIYed — and cluster them together in a funky lil’ bouquet that you can hang from the ceiling. (via Cherry Blossom)

Which decorations would you leave up the longest? Talk to us in the comments below!