Sometimes, the sheer number of titles we have on our TBR list can overwhelm us to the point of indecision. While we have learned how to read more, the summer reading lists, must-read new adult books and body positive YA book lists make us feel like we can’t possibly pick our next summer read. The #fomo is real, y’all. That’s why we’ve now decided to put our fiction fate in the hands of the zodiac and choose our next author based on our best horoscope match. Read on for the classic author you should read ASAP — the stars wouldn’t steer you wrong!


harper lee mocking bird

1. Harper Lee: From standing up to childhood friend Truman Capote’s schoolyard bullies to abandoning a law degree to pursue her passion for writing, Lee has always followed her independent streak — much like you, Aries. So whether you’re re-reading your well-worn paperback or delving in for the first time, Lee’s striking and original debut novel To Kill a Mockingbird should definitely be your next read.



2. Ernest Hemingway: There’s no one more grounded, earthy and pleasure-seeking than you, Taurus. Except Ernest Hemingway, of course. Your practical streak will appreciate Hemingway’s sparse writing style and your stubborn horns are a perfect parallel to Hemingway’s devotion to a heady bullfight (literal and metaphorical!). Take on The Sun Also Rises or his novella The Old Man and the Sea next time you’re looking for a beach read.



3. Mark Twain: You’re curious, quick-witted and changeable, Gemini, so we’re sure that Twain’s trademark cheeky humor will totally tickle you. His inherent sense of adventure in Huckleberry Finn is something you can also relate to, though you’re just as happy to get down with a more serious tome like The Tragedy of Pudd’nhead Wilson. No matter how you’re feeling (and we know that can change by the minute, Gem), Twain is sure to entertain you.



4. Jane Austen: Dear sweet, sensitive Cancer, is there anyone more adept at filling that huge heart of yours than Jane Austen? We think not. Austen’s mashups of hopeless romanticism and cynical wit are lovely complements to your emotional, imaginative side. Plus, you’re one of the most persuasive people we know, Cancer, and well, Austen has a whole book written on the subject. If you’ve already read Persuasion, go for one of her five other major novels.



5. JD Salinger: You’re popular, trendy and dramatic, Leo, with just a touch of self-centeredness (we mean that in a loving way, promise!), so it should come as no surprise that JD Salinger is your classic author comrade. The author of the beloved The Catcher and the Rye created one of the most memorable characters of all time in Holden Caulfield, at once vulnerable, uncompromising, likable and confident. It’s an unusual mix, but one you can totally relate to.


east of eden

6. John Steinbeck: Steinbeck is one of the great classic American authors who really captured the pioneering, hard-working spirit of the early generations in the US. Sound like someone else you know, enterprising Virgo? You’re a perfectionist in the best way, industrious and enthusiastic in every project you tackle, so Steinbeck’s sprawling, dynamic novels like East of Eden will completely captivate you.



7. George Orwell: The scales of justice inform every decision you make, diplomatic Libra, so we know you’ll respond immediately to George Orwell’s classic novels outlining the perils and prejudices of modern society. Animal Farm and 1984 tackle themes of oppression and discrimination, both of which are sure to inspire your passion for social justice. Orwell delivers these heavy topics with a healthy dose of humor and wit, making them extra palatable to your gentle nature.



8. Mary Shelley: Shelley’s entire life was laced with passion and drama, starting with when she ran away with her older, married lover when she was just a teenager — and we know how much you like passion and drama, Scorpio. Your brave, resourceful side will appreciate that Shelley dared to write the dark tale of Frankenstein as (gasp!) a woman, though not without concealing her identity at first to ensure she was taken seriously.


breakfast of champions

9. Kurt Vonnegut: Has anyone ever told you how funny you are, Sag? We’re betting yes. That’s why we’re so amped to connect you with Vonnegut. The ’70s satirist had his own particular brand of humor that we know you’d especially appreciate. And while he may come across a bit caustic in his writing, Vonnegut was actually a serious humanist at heart, which speaks to your enthusiastic, optimistic side in spades. If you’ve already read Slaughterhouse-Five, try his later novel Breakfast of Champions.



10. F Scott Fitzgerald: There’s no more fulfilling feeling to you, ambitious Cap, than finding success through self-made means, whether that’s working hard to get a promotion, starting your own business or raising a family. The American Dream means everything to you — as it does for F Scott Fitzgerald. You’re sure to revel in his gilded, romantic fantasies of what it means to “have it all” (and often the eventual downfall) for his success-driven, stubborn characters. If you’ve already read The Great Gatsby, try The Beautiful and the Damned on for size (it was Serena van der Woodsen’s favorite book, after all!).



11. Virginia Woolf: As a quintessential air sign, Aquarius, you know a little something about “having your head in the clouds.” You’re thoughtful, expressive and a true original, which is why we think the inventive Virginia Woolf is a perfect literary match for you. Her non-linear, casual writing style meshes with your own freewheeling way of speaking and thinking, so go ahead and dive into Mrs. Dalloway!



12. William Faulkner: It’s safe to say you’re the most artistic sign of the zodiac, Pisces, and have a specific understanding of what it means to be creative. William Faulkner’s peculiar, one-of-a-kind way of writing certainly speaks to an elevated way of self-expression. Faulkner definitely isn’t for everyone, but he’s definitely for you. As I Lay Dying is one of the most easily digestible if you’d like an introduction (plus, as a water sign, the “My mother is a fish” motif from the book will surely resonate).

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