We’ve been over the moon with all the new bike innovations that have been popping up over the past few years. We’re talkin’ everything from headphones that keep your ears open for the road and all-over light up bike to a bike so tough, it can survive contact with a semi. But what we haven’t seen is a collapsible, stylish, and safety-certified helmet… until now.

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Fuga helmet ($125+), created by cycling startup Closca, is promising to revolutionize the cycling community with its chic and convenient helmet. The helmet is actually a second generation of Closca’s first helmet, the Turtle, only even more portable. The Fuga helment can fold up into itself in one second, decreasing its volume by 50 percent for easy storage in a messenger bag or purse.

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The helmet’s beautiful design was important to the founders, as they felt like traditional sports helmets didn’t really fit with their lifestyles. In addition to its sleek design, the Fuga comes with customizable options, like leather earflaps and a wool band. The designers wanted to establish the helmet as both functional and nicely designed, and it looks like that design savviness is paying off — the helmet won a prestigious Red Dot Design Award this year.

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Of course, safety is the most important feature of this helmet. You can rest easy knowing it has been double safety certified for use in Europe and the United States, meaning it really will keep you as safe as any road-tested helmet out there. For extra style points, you can also order the limited-edition helmet designed by illustrator Jorge Lawesta. For any cyclists visiting other cities, be sure to check out Closca’s project, RideU, which can help you find a bikeshare program in over 25 countries.

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