We’re willing to bet that most of you would love a personal stylist for at least one day. We could all benefit from someone telling us how to create a perfectly pulled-together look no matter the weather or what appointments we have. Enter Cloth, the closest thing (for now) to a virtual fashion guru in your own home.

Cloth is a (recently updated!) app meant for managing your wardrobe. It provides personalized recommendations for your outfit of the day and goes beyond just what’s trending. This smart addition to your phone curates outfits for you based on the weather and what’s in your closet.

Users can create “looks,” then snap photos of the outfit and give it tags relevant to categories and the weather. For example, that adorable sweater dress paired with flats might be perfect for “work” and that “chill” starting to creep up, but maybe not for straight up “snow.”

The app helps you find the ideal outfit for anything from a date night to an important interview. You can also get social and browse other users’ looks by location, occasion and even weather to inspire your next shopping spree or help you pull together something totally unique from items you already own. This could be super helpful if you’re trying to plan a trip to a new city. Just see how many layers the stylish folks are wearing there to know just what to pack to get scooped up by those street style bloggers.

If you need some advice on what to wear to Thanksgiving at Uncle Rudy’s or that sparkle-themed Christmas party, Cloth also lets you ask someone other than an algorithm — your friends! They can look through the app to recommend outfits pulled directly from your lookbook. Of course, this eliminates your excuse for the pre-getting-dressed wine, but sometimes a girl’s gotta make sacrifices for fashion, right?

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