With music festival season fast approaching, you’re expecting flower crowns to make a triumphant return — but probably not this kind. Just in time for Coachella 2017, organic cannabis farm Lowell Herb Co. has come up with a crown featuring weed.

The first 12 patients with prescriptions who pick up a pre-ordered pack of Lowell Farm’s limited-edition Coachella Blend of pre-rolled joints ($55) from the Palm Springs Safe Access dispensary (15 minutes away from the festival grounds) will receive a complimentary bud and white rose flower crown. And yes, the bud on the crown is also smokeable.

The flower crown alone is worth $60, so that’s a hell of a deal. Unfortunately, there are only 12 of ’em. But ah, well, heavy is the head that wears the cannabis crown.

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(Photos via Lowell Herb Co.)