We’re long past the days of being shocked by the sight of a gal with rainbow colored hair. In fact, we’d even go as far as to say it’s pretty normal. Celebs sporting cotton candy locks? Sure. Miley Cyrus dunking her head in a glittery blue hue? Seems only natural. But just when we thought we’d seen it all there is a new colorful hair trend on the rise – and it might be wild enough to make the most mermaid haired ladies do a double take.

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Forget the all-over color or saturated ombré we’ve grown accustomed to, the newest way to rock rainbow tresses is with a bold, split dye job. We can’t say this is a totally new trend (Kesha did sport the style way back in 2013) but we will say we’re only now beginning to spot it on gals who don’t “brush their teeth with a bottle of Jack.”

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The look commonly referred to as “half and half” or “split-dyed” is characterized by a solid color on both sides and often a dramatic center part splitting the hues straight down the middle.

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While the style looks stunning down, it’s even more gorgeous when the colors are twisted together in a braid or messy updo. If you’re on the hunt for a vivid hair makeover for summer we think you may have just met your match.

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(Photos via @evelina.forsell, @jenbearr, @wearthesunshine, Elite Daily)