It’s no secret that we’re a little color crazy over here at Brit + Co. Okay, maybe more than a little. Our obsession might have us walking out of the house looking like Rainbow Brite every now and again, but that’s something we’ve just learned to accept. If you’re looking to add some color to your engagement photos but don’t really want to dress head-to-toe in the stuff, we got your back. Here are 19 creative ways to turn your engagement photos into a colorful affair.

1. Cuddle Buddies: A vibrant quilt is a great way to add some color to your shoot. Plus, you get to snuggle with your boo — always a bonus. (via Southern Weddings)

2. Up Up and Away: A nature shoot usually turns out stunning, but it’s been done before. Put a fun spin on a classic shot with an eye-popping bouquet of balloons. (via True Photography)

3. So Cal Sweethearts: Inside of San Diego’s Balboa Park is the color-packed Spanish Village Art Center. From its multicolored patio tiles to the vibrant accents along the surrounding cottages, this place is definitely a sight for sore eyes. (via True Photography)

4. Christmas Couple: Destined for a Christmas wedding? Get folks into the holiday spirit by wrapping yourself and your hubby-to-be in a strand of old-school colored lights. (via Praise Wedding)

5. Light it Up: The Neon Museum in Las Vegas is full of giant old signs just begging to be photographed. The decaying signs are stunning but they got nothin’ on this cute couple. (via Glitter Lens)

6. Candy and Kisses: Jelly beans, lollipops, salt water taffy! If you’re looking for a location that’s just as sweet as it is colorful, a candy store is the perfect spot. (via Embrace Life)

7. Some Like it Hot: Wowie! Looks like hot air balloons don’t even have to be flying in mid air to be impressive. (via Amber Wilkie)

8. Museum Love: This couple used an art exhibition as their engagement location. The London show was titled “The Festival of Love” — seems more than appropriate. (via Mr. and Mrs. Unique)

9. Warehouse Wonders: These two took to an old abandoned warehouse for their shoot. At first it starts out as a cool but pretty standard engagement session, then the paint comes out and things get a little crazy. If you’re going to have a romantic paint war, this is certainly the way to do it. (via English Wedding)

10. Picnic With a Punch: This happy couple is melting our hearts with their engagement photo shoot at Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco. (via The Knot)

11. Circus Freaks: A carnival shoot with a vintage flair! Our eyes are going into sensory overload with these festive pics. (via Heart Love Always)

12. Falling in Love: We’re about to experience one of nature’s most colorful seasons. Take advantage of the changing leaves. (via Fab You Bliss)

13. Pigment Paradise: What started as a fairly standard engagement shoot took a turn for the coloful when this couple whipped out some holi powder for a bit of unexpected fun. (via La Magnifique)

14. Confetti Rain: Confetti is for celebrating, and you two certainly have a lot to celebrate. We love this look, but it also has us wondering, how awesome would it be with glitter?! (via Green Wedding Shoes)

15. Hanging Lanterns: At first glance this backdrop looks like lanterns, but look closer! It’s actually an exhibit at LA’s LACMA made out of plastic bowls! (via Trend Setting Wedding)

16. Street Art: The perfect backdrop might be just around the corner. You just have to look! (via Inspired Bride)

17. Flower Fix: You don’t need an extravagant setting for a color-packed photo. Just find a bright backdrop, a cute fella and a pretty bouquet. (via Wedding Chicks)

18. Rainbow Bricks: Whaaat!?!?! We can hardly believe our eyes. We need to know where this wall is and how soon we can get there. (via Algo Azul)

19. Arts District Daze: These folks took to the Arts District of Downtown LA for their shoot, and, you guys, this place is backdrop heaven. They found a whole bunch of awesome art, but this grizzly piece is our favorite. Looks like that bear wants in on the ice cream, too. (via Vivian Loves Photography)

Did you go color crazy for your engagement shoot? Share you photos with us!