Faceted geometric forms are trending nowadays. While the simple, colorful, paper shape DIYs that appear all over Pinterest are fun and easy to make, the results aren’t lasting. We wanted to create a series of free, downloadable templates that could be used as forms and/or molds to make more sustainable objects.

Luckily, Brit + Co. contributor Ben from Homemade Modern did just that. You can download and print our free faceted geometric templates to create forms for concrete shelf brackets and coat hooks. Read on to find out how to do it!

 – Quikrete 5000 Concrete Mix

– 11″x17″ Multipurpose Paper

– Duck tape

– cardboard

– High Gloss or Eggshell House Paint

– craft or basic Elmer’s glue

 – scissors, box cutter or Exacto knife to cut out the paper templates

– inkjet printer to print the 11″ x 17″ downloadable templates

– metal ruler for creating straight scores in the cardboard

Download and print the templates on 11″x17″ paper.

Glue printed templates to cardboard.

Use scissors or an Exacto knife to cut out the cardboard-backed templates. Use a metal ruler to help score the edges where you’ll be folding the template.

Brush a coat of house paint on the interior face of the mold.

Now it’s time to insert hardware. Wrap a business card around the L-bracket and tape it in-place to make a sheath.

Use a screw to make a pin that will connect the concrete to the bracket.

Fold and tape the mold using duck tape.

Fill the molds with concrete and let it cure for 20 hours.

Unwrap the molds after.. If you wait too long, the cardboard mold will start to stick to the concrete.

The concrete will still be fragile so handle the mold with care.

Mount the L-bracket, slide the concrete over and insert the screw.


To see how it all works check out the video below:

We love all the different ways you can use these clever concrete hooks.

Good luck making your own faceted concrete hooks and shelf brackets!

Feel free to ask questions about this tutorial in the comments below.