The sexual harassment allegations against Casey Affleck are both shocking and serious, which is why it was so difficult to watch sexual assault activist Brie Larson have to present him with a Golden Globes award. It’s also why Constance Wu is speaking out and openly criticizing the Oscars for nominating the actor.

Casey Affleck

The Fresh Off the Boat star took to Twitter to share her thoughts with her 80K+ followers and express her disappointment that the Academy has chosen to honor Affleck with a Best Actor nomination for his role in Manchester by the Sea.

Constance Wu

She directly called out the fact that Hollywood values “good acting” over “humanity.”

She even admitted that she was told to be quiet about the sitch for biz reasons, but she refuses to be silent when it comes to standing up for what she believes is justice.

And by the looks of it, folks are definitely behind her…

As you may or may not recall, Constance was every bit as vocal last year during the #OscarsSoWhite controversy. She was one of the first to offer her criticism then, too, calling the Academy out for neglecting to include Asian actors in their nominations.

While the problem of diversity has yet to be “fixed” and the Oscars didn’t respond to her directly, the Academy did nominate many more actors of color this year than last (which wasn’t hard, considering the number was previously zero), suggesting that they’re at the very least aware of the problem. Hopefully, they’ll be just as receptive with regard to women’s rights and this new controversy.

Good for you for speaking your truth, Constance!

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