Though it seems impossible for offscreen drama to compare to what we see in front of us when a show finally airs, it turns out that sometimes the sitch is even crazier IRL. That’s what a few reality TV contestants are realizing after they spent a year (!) in the wilderness while not being told that the show they were suffering for had been canceled.

Eden reality show

According to The Press and Journal, 23 contestants were sent out into 600 acres of Scottish wilderness and left to survive for a show called Eden (as in the biblical garden, natch). During filming, problems cropped up resulting in 13 peeps quitting early on, and the others reportedly smuggling in booze and junk food.

However, what the 10 remaining contestants didn’t know, was that the show had been canceled after only four episodes actually aired. That means that those who signed on and stuck with the show spent a whopping eight months in the wild for absolutely no reason. Ouch!


Coming back to learn that the last and final episode of the doomed show had aired seven months earlier (as well as being informed of current day news like Brexit and President Trump), the group returned to obscurity with none of the sudden fame reality peeps often find. They now must return to their regular lives with no endorsement deals, no Dancing With the Stars gigs, and with a whole lotta outdoorsy experience under their belts. So, at least there’s that.

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(h/t Cosmopolitan; photos via Sean Gallup/Getty, Channel 4)