Tired of Your Lettering Looking the Same? There’s a New Class for That!
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Tired of Your Lettering Looking the Same? There’s a New Class for That!

If your lettering needs a refresh, our new online class is just for you!

Back again for another class, Brittany Luiz in collaboration with Tombow USA is here to teach you how you can craft your own lettering style. In her 54-minute class, you’ll learn how Brittany’s very own style evolved and get insider tips on how to make your hand lettering your own.


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You’ll start with some inspiration, practice four lettering styles, and from there, you’ll learn three different ways you can tweak letters to make them unique to you. You’ll walk away from this class with a personalized alphabet AND an inspirational quote that’ll remind you that you can do incredible things! Like, develop an awesome hand lettering style that you’ll be excited to share.

By the end of this class, students will know how to:

  • Write letters in four styles: script, serif, sans serif, and double-monoline.
  • Tweak letters by changing their shape, strokes, and adding embellishments.
  • Use Brittany’s recommendations to pair complementary lettering styles together.

Plus, Brittany has offered up a styled alphabet (shown below) to help you get started. How cute is that? She’s also created a 21-page course workbook that you can use to follow along and practice your lettering skills. To sweeten the deal, Tombow is also offering 25 percent off your first purchase of Tombow pens, PLUS free shipping on orders over $25. You’ll get access to this discount in your course downloads. Woot!

Ready to start creating a lettering style unique to you? Great! Enroll in our Craft Your Own Lettering Style online class today!