Over the holiday glitz? We say bring on the holiday goof! We couldn’t resist rounding up the strangest Santa hats on the planet (has someone sent us a selfie in that turkey hat yet?) and now we’re following that up with the pinnacle of tacky holiday accessories: the ugly Christmas sweater!

This year, there’s no need to hightail it to your local thrift store since all of your favorite online retailers seem to have stocked up on the obnoxious holiday garb. There are some serious doozies out there (that’s a good thing!)—from the traditionally tacky to digitally integrated, here’s how you can look your best in this season’s ugliest sweaters.

1. Asos Holiday Pattern Sweater ($63): Trees and holly? Check! Snowflakes? Got it! Reindeer? You bet! It’s all there in one colorful ugly sweater.

2. Happy Holla Days ($59): Did you catch the alternate spelling on this sweater? Holla if you do!

3. Knitted Crystal Reindeer Jumper ($110): Turn up the glamour with this rhinestone studded sweater. We have to admit, that prancing reindeer is kind of cute!

4. Holiday Reindeer Women’s Sweater ($65): This might be the most traditionally tacky sweater on the list. It’s giving off a perfectly acceptable retro vibe.

5. Cookie Cutting Edge Sweater ($65): Santa attacks! It looks like this gingerbread man is about to get owned.

6. Christmas Sweater With Pug ($64): We can’t decide if this tricked out pug is super adorable or incredibly ugly. Either way, that little guy is a dead ringer for the Grinch’s pooch!

7. Only Holiday Pudding Sweater ($46): There’s no holiday dish that’s passed up more than figgy pudding, so it seems it’s appropriate that the dessert found its way to the front of an ugly sweater.

8. Knit Crackling Fireplace Ugly Christmas Sweater ($65): This holiday scene is pretty incredible at first glance, but once we realized that the fire is actually crackling on an iPhone screen that’s held in place by a secret pouch, our minds were blown. We’re picking up one of these for everyone at Brit HQ, whether they like it or not!

9. Step Brothers Replica Christmas Sweater ($70): This ugly Christmas sweater is a replica of the ones worn by Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly in the hilarious movie Stepbrothers. It’s the perfect option for a pair of bros looking to bro out at a holiday party.

10. Leg Lamp Knit Christmas Sweater ($80): Here’s another movie-inspired holiday sweater that showcases one of the most famous movie props of all time: the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. We love how this graphic holiday pattern brings this iconic images into the modern age.

11. Asos Reindeer Holiday Sweater ($57): You know you’ve got your hands on an ugly Christmas sweater when things start getting 3D, like the lovely polka dot bow around this white reindeer’s neck. It really makes the whole sweater, don’t you think?

12. Lighted Fireplace Sweater With Tablet Pouch ($70): How’s this for 3D embellishments—a trio of Christmas stockings! The lights above the mantle are real—a garland of multi-colored LEDs—and there’s a pouch in the hearth large enough to fit an iPad or Kindle Fire. Just remember to download the live fireplace app!

13. Asos Team Rudolf Holiday Sweater ($58): We know that friendships are ripped apart by whether you pledge allegiance to Team Edward or Team Jacob, and even Team Angie or Team Jen (throwback!), but who wouldn’t support Team Rudolph? Take that, all of the other reindeer!

14. Knitted Sequin Present Jumper ($100): We’re kind of obsessed with this ugly Christmas sweater. There’s just so much sequins! The fact that the gift topper wraps around each elbow is kind of amazing.

15. The Ugly Christmas Sweater ($38): We can’t think of a more adorable scene than a chubby snowman trying to ski. That’s one YouTube video we’d watch on repeat.

16. The Elf Sweater ($55): Channel Buddy the elf in this bright green garb. Slip on a cozy pair of elf slippers and you’re ready to hit up the North Pole.

17. The Santa Sweater ($55): Santa sweaters? High five! It might be the only time you’re this happy in a turtleneck.

18. Knitted Holly Jumper ($100): Hello Mistletoe! No need to hover under a decked out doorway in this sweater.

19. Lazy Santa Sweater With Phone Pouch ($65): We couldn’t help but laugh out loud when we saw this lazy santa zoning out. Like a few other sweaters on this roundup, this knit has a smartphone-sized pocket that acts as the entertainment for Old Saint Nick.

20. Bucktooth Rudolph Sweater ($65): Part Rudolph party Goofy, this bucktooth reindeer is quite a hoot! But our favorite part? You can get the design on a sweater dress too. Score!

21. Snow LOL Sweater ($65): Poor snowman! This sad situation is really quite the opposite of an LOL (more like a FML?)

22. River Island Penguin Holiday Sweater ($73): You know we’re suckers for all things bright and colorful, but this sweater is much too much. Choose the pattern or the penguin—not both next time!

23. Asos Holiday Pattern Cropped Sweater ($41): Just when you think the ugly Christmas sweater couldn’t get any tackier—they had to go and make it a crop top! Kudos on the color combos, though.

24. Fairy Lights Loungewear Top ($56): We’re really quite taken with this intriguing design that uses strands of faded Christmas lights as the pattern on a sweatshirt. Whether you love it or hate it, you gotta agree that it’s only appropriate when worn with matching sweatpants.

25. The Hanukkah Sweater ($65): The ugly sweater ain’t just for Christmas no mo’! Those dreidels look pretty stoked to finally be front and center!

26. Ellesse Holidays Sweater With Ski Print ($73): Maybe we’ve been staring at ugly sweaters for too long, but we think this vintage-inspired ski print is actually quite cool. I’m not gonna lie: I’ve definitely taken a sweater out of my mom’s closet to wear that looks just like this.

27. Asos Holiday Sweater ($55): This ugly sweater is just out of control. It kind of brings us back to all those trips to FAO Schwartz as a kid—total sensory overload!

28. Creeping Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater ($55): Santa is certainly creepin’ it real on this terrifying Christmas sweater. What’s even more horrific: his eyes dart back and forth on an app on your smartphone, which slips into a pocket behind Santa’s eye sockets. This is truly the stuff that nightmares are made of.

29. Runaway Sleigh Sweater ($55): The thought of Santa falling out of a sleigh after that last sweater really doesn’t bother us so much right now.

30. Knitted Gingerbread Man Jumper ($84): We’ll end things with a Christmas sweater that’s so ugly it’s cute. How could you not think that about 50 smiling gingerbread men?

Bonus:70s Hairy Chest Sweater ($66): …and the nightmares are back. This time, in the form of this hideously hairy sweater. If you did not groan in utter disgust as you laid your eyes upon this sweater, you are not human, because this my friends, might just be the ugliest sweater of all time. You’re welcome.

Will you be rocking an ugly sweater this holiday season? Tell us in the comments below?