There are some Christmas traditions we just can’t give up, like baking batches of festive cookies and whipping up homemade eggnog (yep, we love our sweets!). But a tree—now that’s something that we think we can get a bit more creative with, and of all the non-traditional trees out there, the wall tree has to be our fave. Not only is it an amazing small space solution for celebrating the holidays in full swing, especially when paired with our fabric wall mantel and washi tape fireplace, but it’s a great way to repurpose all of the past years crafting scraps. Who knows? Making a clever wall tree might just become a new family tradition!

1. Pom Pom Christmas Wall Tree: What may have been yesterday’s pom pom garland is now an amazingly colorful Christmas wall tree! We love how the polka dot rug and toy rabbit turn it into a playful scene. (via Plumetis le Blog)

2. Paper Clip Christmas Wall Tree: Who knew paper clips could look so posh? Thanks to the help of classic patterns like polka dots and gold stripes, these wooden clips make dashing “ornaments” on this washi taped tree that doubles as an advent calendar. (via Stylizmo)

3. Paper Garland Christmas Wall Tree: A stunning shade of light green tissue paper acts as frilly foliage on this festive wall tree. Look closely, and you’ll notice the adorable addition of neon garland! (via Curbly)

4. Christmas Tree Poster: Is using a poster of a Christmas tree as your wall tree and extremely lazy or pure genius move? We just have to vote for the latter. (via Bijzonder Mooi)

5. Washi Tape Trees: This may have been the project that sparked our washi tape obsession! Wall tree beginners—this is where to start. The best part is, there’s no wrong way to make a washi tape tree! (via Brit + Co.)

6. Patterned Wall Tree: Introducing our 2013 small space holiday hack: this patterned fabric wall tree! Since VELCRO® Brand tape can hold heftier ornaments, we just couldn’t resist sticking on a few of our favorite gold animal toys! (via Brit + Co.)

7. Garland Christmas Wall Tree: We applaud whoever was the first to break away from the traditional red and green Christmas color palette, which is part of the reason we’re swooning over this metallic garland wall tree. This stringing technique works for garlands of all kinds and even strands of festive lights, too! (via Ann Tree Studio)

8. Christmas Tree Display Shelf: Get the tree and the gifts off the ground with this clever Christmas tree-shaped shelf. A coat of white paint will ensure it won’t clash with your existing decor, or turn it into a statement shelf with a glitter spray paint! (via Paper & Stitch)

9. Christmas Tree Clippings Wall Tree: Here’s a thrifty twist on a traditional Christmas tree: make a wall tree from pine branch clippings! It’s the perfect solution to wanting a natural tree feel (and smell!) without taking up any space at all. (via Julia Stotz)

10. Trinket Collection Christmas Wall Tree: This trinket wall tree has an undeniable vintage vibe. It’s the perfect way to display your collection of colorful bric a brac. (via Apartment Therapy)

11. Star Light Christmas Wall Tree: Just because you go for a wall tree doesn’t mean you have to give up the warm glow of Christmas lights, as you can see from this twinkling tree. We love the winter wonderland feel of this all-white wall tree. (via Martha Stewart)

12. Hand-Drawn Christmas Wall Tree: We’re nuts about using brown butcher paper as a canvas for DIY holiday gift wrap, so we’re just as crazy about the idea of using it as a backdrop for a hand-drawn tree. It could even double and a festive photobooth backdrop—no holiday party is complete without one, if you ask us! (via Style Me Pretty)

13. Wood Christmas Wall Tree: Here’s another great way to use natural elements in your wall tree design. We love the way this driftwood has been cut into different sized slabs and tricked out with LED bulbs, looking as polished as the decor sold at Anthropologie. (via Tréndir)

14. Wall Decal Christmas Tree: Wall decals are all the rage lately, and it’s no surprise why. These kid friendly stickers come in just about any slogan or shape that you can imagine—including a child-size Christmas tree. Take a cue from this blogger and design your own stick-on ornaments! (via Spoonflower)

15. Yarn Christmas Wall Tree: This candy cane colored Christmas wall tree is made out of cozy yarn. We love the idea of filling in this crafty tree with holiday cards from your loved ones. (via Eline Pellinkhof)

16. Wire Christmas Wall Tree: See, you can make a wall tree that lets you display your elegant (or super silly) ornament collection! Craft wire provides a sturdy frame for this festive wall hanging. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

Will you be trimming an unconventional tree this year? Or are you a stickler for the real deal when it comes to Christmas trees? Tell us about it in the comments below!