As if there weren’t enough things to consider on a first date — from perfecting your date night makeup to picking out the ultimate date night outfit — the idea of having to plan the actual date too can throw anyone for a loop. Luckily, your zodiac signs are here to help. We’re sharing the perfect first date to complement your horoscope, making sure you’re setting yourself up for all the good date night vibes.



You’re hardworking and straightforward, so keep it classic and stick with what you know for a successful first date: dinner and a show. If you want to really impress, try to negotiate a chef’s table or check out a local theater showcasing improv or live performances.



We know how you’ love to be a trendsetter, so why don’t you plan a first date where you’ll for sure discover something new? Hit up the latest brewery in town, and grab a flight to find your new fave brew.



Sign you and your date up for a cooking class. You’ll get to learn something new, be forced to work together and share in the final product. Bon appétit!



Play to your strengths and keep things simple by hitting up your local farmer’s market. You’ll get to try and browse a variety of things, so there’s always something to talk about.


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We see you bulls over there, shaking that thing. Tap into your sensual side and take your maybe-future-boo salsa dancing.



Put a twist on the classic bar date and take on trivia night. You’ll get to test your date’s pop culture knowledge and get in some playful (and flirty) competition.



We know you like to keep your squad close, so plan a group date! Stick with us: Pick out a local concert that you know your besties will be at. That way, you can either keep it casual if things start going a little south, or you can easily get lost in the crowd if everything is smooth sailing.



You’re a born leader, girl. Take your date to the arcade so you can ignite a friendly one-on-one showdown. After all, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone, amirite?


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You like to please others, but you’re also very creative. Take in the culture of your city, and stroll through your fave art museum. You’ll get to show off your artistic side AND expose your date to something new.



We know, you Libras are likely happy no matter where you go or what you do. So check out a local sporting event – majors or minors, it doesn’t matter. You can have fun at any league or level ;)



Share some of your wisdom and knowledge with your date. Take a coffee tour of your neighborhood — pick out two or three coffee shops in your neighborhood you can stop by, sip some espresso and take in the vibes.


young couple hiking in autumn mountain

Always looking for an adventure, huh? Well, grab your date, get outdoors and take a hike! See where nature takes you — you can start with a quick mile loop, so if the date is losing steam, you can easily call it quits. Of course, if things are going well, you can float the possibility of taking on a bigger challenge.

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