Besides really delicious food, baller gifts and reuniting with loved ones, the best part of the holidays is obviously all the photo opps. Whether you’re seeking out inspo for an official holiday card or just looking to pep up your social media feed, we’ve got 22 unusual, adorable and creative ideas to make sure your snaps stand out.


1. Pose with your pup. This idea will help you check a whole bunch of important essentials off your holiday photo list. Tacky sweater? Check. Light-up Christmas tree sunglasses? Check. Dog dressed up as a reindeer? Hell yes.


2. Dress up your littles in matching winter hats. Nothing’s cuter than babies in matching outfits, amirite?


3. Cram four people into ONE giant Christmas sweater. For this insane photo, we turned a blanket into an outrageous holiday sweater big enough to fit four people. Prepare for the likes to roll right on in.


4. Make an epic chalk backdrop. Can’t find the perfect backdrop? Make it yourself! Admittedly, this backdrop will take a good amount of time to create — but totally worth it if you’re throwing a holiday party or two.


5. Assemble your reindeer squad. All you need are baseball tees, fabric paint and reindeer antlers to turn all your besties into reindeer. Oh, and one very sparkly red nose.


6. Sit in a Santa hat-adorned pool float, obvs. There’s a lot going on in this snap, and that’s why we like it. The more absurd, the better.


7. Dress up your dog, duh. Your dog was made to dress up as an elf. Case closed.


8. BE a Christmas ornament. Rocking a baby bump this holiday season? Take your love of tree-trimming to the next level by actually *being* an ornament.


9. Snowball Fight! Oh no, you didn’t! Snow is like winter’s confetti, and a snowball fight is sure to land you some memorable photos. Just make sure your photog (or self timer) is far enough away to avoid getting snowed on.


10. Soak in a tub o’ presents. It’s okay to indulge — it’s the holidays!


11. Get your squad together and wear the tackiest holiday clothing you can find. So. Many. UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS!


12. Hug a tree. Capture a snap of cutting down your first Christmas tree. TOO cute.


13. OMG! Sneak a baby announcement in. Schedule a time to take your holiday photo, then pull a fast one and turn it into a baby announcement!


14. Make a snow angel FTW. Wrap yourself up in your coziest gear and hit the snow.


15. Bring the Easter bunny onto the scene. Wait, what now? What’s that bunny doing in a photo with Santa?


16. Shower yourself in confetti. Confetti is an easy way to add a ton of merriment and color to any photo. Bonus points if you make yourself a Christmas cactus while you’re at it.


17. Wrap yourself in lights: Get LIT.


18. Wear matching PJs with your besties. Spending the holidays with your fave gaggle of gals? Surprise your BFFs with matching PJs and get ready for about a million posed photos. You each need a different one to post, obvs.


19. When in doubt, JUMP. Stuck in a creative rut? Might as well JUMP.


20. Get punny. These little lovebirds are killing it on the snow pun front.


21. Flex your photoshop skills and create a DOGSLED. You finally have a reason to learn Photoshop.


22. Create the most awkward pose of all. And finally, get down with your awkward self and recreate the extra weird lap-on-lap-on-lap-on-lap pose. Take it to the next level by donning tropical tops.

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