While we’ve all got busy schedules, from working and studying to jam-packed social lives and home improvement considerations, we’ve still got our creative aspirations too. Even if you’ve got just one hour to spare before the Oscars this weekend, we’ve got 12 ways to maximize your creativity. Ready, set, go!


1. Jessica Pezalla’s Paper Flowers Online Class ($19): If you’ve got a wedding coming up and you’re not excited about the traditional flower approach, or you simply want to add some color to your home in a flower form that won’t die after a few days, this paper flower class is for you. It’ll teach you all you need to know to make flowers that will last forever and ever.


2. Lauren Essi’s Calligraphy 201 Online Class + Kit ($152): If you’ve already got the basics down and you’re looking to up your game, this class is for you. If you need some supply refreshments, go with the class and kit combo.


3. Tessa Huff’s Cake Decorating Online Class + Kit ($101): Pretty much every occasion is better when there’s cake added — and they’re about a trillion times better if said cake is also pretty and homemade. So yup, this class and kit gives you everything you need to start making every aspect of your life one trillion times better.


4. Maryanne Moodie’s Intro to Latch Hook Online Class + Kit ($41): From initial design to finished product, you’ll get all the tools (literally and figuratively) you need to become a latch hook professional with this class and kit. You’ll be binding edges before you know it!


5. Alexi Bullock’s Intro to Adobe Illustrator Online Class ($39): If you love graphic design and might want to try your hand at it — or if you’re ready to upgrade software and take the leap into Illustrator — this class is just what you need. It’ll demystify the whole thing and make it easy as pie for you to jump right into the wild world of Adobe.


6. Liz Maute Cooke’s Custom Stationery Online Class + Kit ($80): Store-bought stationary? No, thank you — not when you can make your own! And that’s exactly what you’ll be doing when you’re done with this class and kit pair.


7. Roxy Taghavian’s Sewing Online Class ($19): Your grandma always sewed, but somehow you managed to never learn from her and now you’re absolutely kicking yourself. Never fear — the opportunity isn’t over with this cool online class.


8. Meredith Crawford’s How to Crochet Online Class + Kit ($49): This class and kit will teach you all the things you need to know to make your very own super-beautiful and mega-functional crocheted basket. Just think of all the things you can keep in there!


9. Kristen Gula’s Embroidery Online Class + Kit ($29): From t-shirts to dish towels, add your personal touch with this embroidery online class and kit. Sign up for this bad boy and you’ll come out the other end with complete mastery of the back stitch, satin stitch and French knot. Boom!


10. Eunice Moyle’s Letterpress Online Class + Kit ($203): From birthday and anniversary wishes to out-of-the-blue greetings and every kind of invitation under the sun, everything is better when it’s handmade and ultra-customized. This letterpress class and kit will have you doing just that and more in only 35 minutes.


11. Tiffany Whipps’ Jewelry Making and Metalworking Online Class + Kit ($66): If you’ve been looking for that certain piece of jewelry for so long and just can’t seem to find it, give up… and make your own! This class and kit gives you all the info and essentials to sail into DIY jewelry in no time at all.


12. Marisa McClellan’s Jam-Making Online Class ($19): If you’re growing a garden or have a tendency to over-buy produce, this jam-making class is just what you need. You’ll never waste produce — or have to eat toast with anything less than homemade deliciousness — ever again.

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