Along with getting our butts to the gym twice a week and carving out some much-needed me-time in our busy schedules, we’ve also made a resolution in 2016 to finally tackle a home reno. We’ve been practicing our DIY skills all winter, making everything from hand warmers to Mindy Kaling’s Moschino pumps — now it’s time to tackle the biggie: a home improvement project. Not sure whether to re-do the bathroom or the living room? Why not let the stars determine your next project?



DIY a funky mirror for the bedroom. An Aries woman loves spending a little extra time on her makeup in the morning, which is why crafting a statement mirror for the bedroom is the perfect beginner home project. Choose your tutorial (like the geo and gold pattern pictured above) and get cracking!

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Minimalize and clean your entire apartment. If there’s anyone who can persevere through a complete decluttering rampage in their apartment, it’s a Taurus. Donate all your unnecessary items to the local thrift store and get cleaning — your psyche will thank you, trust us.

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Deck out your bed set in a bold geometric pattern. Fun, quirky and full of opposites — geo was made for Geminis. Spruce up your tired bed frame with a lively geo pattern for a statement bedroom worth showing off.

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Reupholster your dining room chairs. You love your hand-me-down dining room chairs and would never think of getting rid of them — but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t use a face lift. Enter the magic of reupholstering. With a few easy steps, your tired chairs will go from drab to modern, all while retaining their precious memories.

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Full bathroom renovation. Confident Leos can conquer anything — even a full-scale bathroom reno. Whether you hire a contractor or do the work yourself, your relaxation escape will definitely be worth the effort in the end.

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Create pixelated artwork to hang in your living room. Every living room needs a pop — make your “pop” your next home project by creating a pixelated masterpiece. Grab some washi tape, pick your pattern and get creating for a totally transformed living room vibe.

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Create a cozy pet corner for your furry friend. Your best friend in the world deserves the royal treatment for all the times they’ve cuddled you out of a funk. Clear out a corner and get to work on their fluffy palace.

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Make a custom library at home by installing a one-of-a-kind bookshelf. A good book, a warm cup of tea and a cozy throw seems like the perfect inspiration to create the library of your dreams. But don’t just settle for any old library. Get creative by installing a bookshelf worth reading about.

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Create a custom in-home bar (no matter what size your apartment is!). Entertaining may come naturally to a Sagittarius, but that doesn’t mean your apartment is hosting-ready. This New Year, use your problem-solving skills to create an in-home bar with the limited space you have. And don’t forget to host an epic party to celebrate once it’s completed!

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Create an in-home gym. The ambitious Capricorn is tackling two resolutions at once by renovating an in-home gym. Whether your exercise of choice is Pure Barre, yoga, running or something in between, tailor your in-home gym to your fave workouts, and you’ll never have an excuse to skip the gym again.

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Update your tabletops with fab colors and patterns. An unconventional woman deserves an unconventional tabletop. DIY your own (the one pictured above only takes ten minutes!) and show it off at your next home hang-out.

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Re-organizing the junk drawer/vanity. A well-organized vanity makes waking up in the morning 110 percent more zen. Give everything you use on the daily its own designated space and just see how easy your mornings become.

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