There are only a few days left until we get to tear into all those pretty presents that have been sitting under the tree for the past week or so — who’s excited? If you haven’t wrapped or tagged one single thing yet, all is not lost. There’s one gift that’s always a winner — cold hard cash. But skip the drugstore money holder this year and try one of these 17 creative DIY opportunities.


1. Money Balloons: Confetti, balloons and cash — it doesn’t get any more exciting and festive than this. (via Sugar and Charm)


2. Framed Emergency Fund: Know of a recent college graduate? They’ll need this creative take on a rainy-day fund. (via 2 Copper Coins)


3. Faux Shibori Pouch: Grab the B+C DIY Shibori Tote and Pouch Kit ($18), keep the tote for yourself and gift the pouch with some extra spending money for a wrapper that doubles as a purse catchall. (via Brit + Co)


4. Currency-filled Chocolate Sampler: We bet Forrest Gump would have appreciated a box full of dolla dolla bills, y’all. (via Life as Mom)


5. Mason Jar Snow Globe: You might want to monitor the unwrapping of this gift… not everyone was blessed with the gift of common sense. Get the paper towels ready. (via The Creative Mama)


6. Origami Money Dress: A fashionista is bound to adore some spending money in her fave silhouette. (via Homemade Gifts Made Easy)


7. 2-Material Metallic Boxes: You could be cruel and wrap a box within a box like Russian nesting dolls. Everyone will laugh after the actual gift is revealed upon opening the smallest box, and the receiver will have a trio of stacking boxes to organize their workspace, just in time for 2015. (via Brit + Co)


8. Book of Money: This book will definitely get them to drop their smartphones and gadgets and take note. (via Martha Stewart)


9. Cash Ring: Keep it classy with a super simple piece of jewelry. Its recipient will be more than happy to take it at face value. (via Mint)


10. Felt Piggy Bank: Here’s a piggy bank you don’t have to break to get to your cash. (via Dream a Little Bigger)


11. Duct Tape Sleeves + Envelopes + Paper Cones: Get creative with your adhesive products and make your own wrapping paper to disguise gift cards and cash in festive flair. (via Brit + Co)


12. Take Out Box: Keep ’em guessing by concealing gift cards or cash in these customized takeout boxes. Amp it up with washi tape, paint on a festive stencil or go to town and handwrite a message or phrase with paint pens. (via The Country Chic Cottage)


13. Origami Fortune Cookie: Bonus points if you fill that takeout box with an origami fortune cookie. (via Project Denneler)


14. Money Paint Tin: We spot some big bills in this tiny pot of gold. (via Eighteen 25)


15. Origami Money Stars: String a handful of these stars together for a festive garland or gift them individually. The choice is yours. (via T. in the Burg)


16. Leather Clutch: This option is a gift within a gift. Show off your sewing skills with this one-piece leather clutch and slip any amount of cash inside for good luck. (Who would turn down two gifts in one?) (via Brit + Co)


17. Velcro Pouch: This project is easy peasy, and if you gift it to a makeup maven, she can use it to organize her vanity for the new year. (via Brit + Co)

Do you give cash or gift cards during the holidays? What are you favorite ways to wrap them up? Tell us in the comments.