If you’re gunning to win best gift wrapper this Christmas, there’s one other thing to consider besides beautiful gift wrap, and that’s awesome gift toppers! Let’s just say, it’s the equivalent of a cherry on top of a scoop of ice cream—it’s a simple addition that makes the moment feel instantly extra special. These 16 gift toppers that you can DIY are sure to make any package stand out under the tree.

1. Sparkly Gift Wrap Toppers: We love to see what happens when people think outside of the box with their materials, like this glittery ribbon. On this first package, it creates a beautiful woven pattern on top of plain wrapping paper, and on the second, it’s looped to make a perfectly tied bow. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

2. Mini Wreath Toppers: How great are these mini wreaths? Made from sprigs of seeded eucalyptus and rosemary, these scented tags are undeniably charming. (via Frolic!)

3. Tinsel Bow Toppers: It’s easy to go overboard with tinsel, but these bows use just the right amount to make this white-wrapped gift stand out from the pack. Just be sure to knot the bunch of tinsel before you trim it—it’s easier to handle that way. (via Whimseybox)

4. Adorned Glitter Clothespin Toppers: These quirky gift toppers are just too cute. Be sure to tell the recipient that once their package has been opened, these glittery clothespins can be used as ornaments—just clip ‘em to a tree! (via Creature Comforts)

5. Paper Snowflakes: This definitely isn’t a kindergarten-level paper snowflake! (Do you see how amazingly intricate it is?) Once you get the folding technique down, it’s all a matter of making the right cuts. Then hang as garland or use as a gift topper! (via How About Orange)

6. Neon Tassel Gift Topper: There are an insane number of ways to use colorful rope, including as tassels for gift toppers! And you know we’d never say no to a neon gift topper. ;) (via The Apron)

7. Wool Acorn Gift Toppers: We can’t decide what we like more about these adorable gift toppers: their foraged tops or their colorful, wool-felted base. Either way, we’re just nuts about ‘em! (We had to!) (via Free People Blog)

8. Pom Pom Topper: This DIY basic has quickly become the go-to gift topper, and we’re totally okay with that! If you haven’t made a pom pom—they’re so easy! This is a must-try for this holiday season. (via Cotton & Flax)

9. Stitched Gift Tags: There’s something so special about these stitched toppers, which give these gifts an extremely personal touch. Red embroidery thread makes the crisp printed gift tags pop on the packaging. (via Shim Tokk)

10. Foil Baking Cup Toppers: We’re obsessed with the idea of using foil baking cups as decorative gift toppers. Plus, how chic is this gold and metallic pink color palette? (via Hey Look)

11. Duct Tape Gift Wrap: Once you top your gifts with duct tape (you know it comes in like, 100 colors and patterns, right?), there’s no going back to that clear office supply variety! It adds such a significant sheen to a kraft paper-wrapped gifts. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

12. Sponge Letter Gift Toppers: We can sum up these gift toppers in two words: merry and bright! A glue-soaked sponge in the shape of an initial holds colorful sprinkles in place—just be sure to tell the kiddos it’s not for eating! (You can always sub in confetti to make it look less cake-like). (via Créme de la Craft)

13. Tree Gift Toppers: We love how festive embroidery floss take these twigs to gift-worthy levels. The addition of a silver star adds a perfect hint of glam to the natural looking materials. (via Fellow Fellow)

14. Pom Pom Trim: You won’t believe how easy it is to get this colorful look! Ready for it? There’s no making involved! We highly recommend you add pom pom yarn to your gift wrapping prep list. ;) (via Small Good Things)

15. Washi Tape Bunting: Here’s another genius way to use washi tape. Just lay strips of the colorful adhesive across some kraft paper and cut into geometric trim. (via Creature Comforts)

16. Neon Animal Favors: These neon painted animal gift toppers have a total Babes in Toyland feel going on, and we just can’t get enough. Looking for a chicer approach? Try painting the toys gold! (via Hello Bee)

What’s your gift wrapping routine like? Do you go all out with beautiful paper and personalized toppers? Or do you think it’s what’s inside the package that counts? Tell us in the comments below!