In huge news out of our nation’s capital, a whole new era in United States-Cuba relations is being ushered in as we type. While totally unrestricted tourism may still be a little ways off, we can celebrate this momentous occasion in the meantime with 15 classic Cuban recipes. Featuring sweet and savory sips and eats beyond the well-known mojito and creamy flan, your taste buds will be in for one heck of an island-inspired getaway.


1. Cuban Chicken With Chili-Roasted Yams: A quick marinade in mojo sauce — a traditional mix of citrus, garlic and spices — infuses every part of this succulent roasted chicken with incomparable flavor. Feel free to switch things up by applying the blend to pork and more. (via Feasting at Home)


2. Cuban Sandwich: This eponymous sando is a classic for a reason. Toasted ham and cheese never tasted so good. (via Hapanom)


3. Baked Eggs With Cuban Sofrito: Wake up your taste buds right with a spoonful of punchy sofrito served atop simple baked eggs. (via Dolly and Oatmeal)


4. Cuba Libre: Nothing like a rum and Coke with a squeeze of lime to cool you off on a hot day. An ideal, sweet sip to wash down any of the dishes here. (via Palachinka)


5. Croquetas de Jamone: These crispy, creamy ham-filled croquettes are a tasty nibble to serve during cocktail hour. (via Heart of Homemade)


6. Picadillo: No more difficult than cooking up a batch of ground meat, this sofrito-seasoned beef dish is delicious served with a salad or rice and beans. For a non-traditional vegan twist, check out this version made with crumbled tempeh. (via Bon Appet’Eat)


7. Cuban Shrimp Tamales: A mix of fresh corn and corn flour sets Cuban-style tamales apart from their Mexican counterparts. The highly seasoned shrimp filling is a real treat. (via The Washington Post)


8. Empanada Gallega: Stuffed with well-seasoned chicken and veggies, these savory Cuban pastries are a cross between hand pies and calzones. (via Passionate About Baking)


9. Lechon Asado: Garlic lovers, this roast pork is for you. (via The Hungry Goddess)


10. Buñuelos de Anís: These anise-scented Cuban fritters are a sweet twist on donuts and churros. (via Sweet Paul)


11. Ropa Vieja Cubana: It’s hard to resist the meltingly tender shredded beef that results after a long braise in tomato, wine and aromatics. Time to get that Dutch oven out of storage. (via Chocolate and Marrow)


12. Enchilado de Langosta y Camarones: Enjoy this totally rich dish of lobster and shrimp enrobed in a chunky, garlic-tomato sauce. Trust us, it’s not as spicy as its name may lead you to believe. (via Bitchin’ Camero)


13. Cuban Black Beans and Rice: Enjoy this budget-friendly dish as a side or main course. It’s versatile enough to pair with ropa vieja and more, yet hearty enough to hold its own. (via Apples and Sparkle)


14. Cuban Black Bean and Rice Mojo Burgers With Slaw + Garlic Tostones: Packed with an assortment of traditional eats — rice and beans, mojo, fried plantains (tostones) — we might just start calling this burger the new Cuban sandwich. (via Half Baked Harvest)


15. Classic Daiquiri: It’s time to return to the classic Daiquiri. Rum, lime juice, simple syrup and a few shakes with ice is all it takes to create one smooth sip. (via Uncommon Caribbean)

Share your thoughts about this history-making news plus any favorite Cuban foods below!