When you’ve had your fill of pizza and pizza-inspired goods, it may be time to switch things up and start looking into filled breads instead. We’re talking about calzones, and these 15 creative recipes are bound to add a bit of variety to your dinner table. Keep things classic with a meat, cheese and sauce combo, or treat your tastebuds to a little California vacation with a tasty avocado, chicken and bacon bread. But those two examples barely scratch the surface — keep scrolling to see all of the creative ways there are to fold up some dinnertime fun.

1. Cheesy Lasagna Calzones: All the good stuff about a classic meat and cheese lasagna wrapped up in pizza dough? Oh baby, count us in! (via Oh, Sweet Basil)

2. Cheesy Calzone With Kale and Spinach: This is a great way to sneak some greens into your diet. Surrounded by dough and cheese, they practically go unnoticed — well, that is besides all the pretty color they provide. (via She Knows)

3. Grilled BBQ Chicken Calzones: Amp up the grilled factor by tossing the chicken for the filling of these smokey calzones on the barbie, too. (via The Baker Mama)

4. Muffuletta Calzone: What’s not to love about this Italian twist on the classic New Orleans sandwich which features all of the meats? OK, maybe just salami and ham, but feel free to play around — plus cheese and veggies? (via Kitchen Daily)

5. Rustic Cauliflower Crust Calzones: Is there anything cauliflower can’t do? (via Yeah…immaeatthat)

6. Chicken, Bacon and Avocado Calzones: We’re loving this California-style calzone filled with a creamy avocado-cilantro mayo, bacon and chicken. (via Kudos Kitchen by Renee)

7. Peanut Butter and Double Chocolate Calzone: With this tasty calzone packed full of peanut butter cup flavor, you can easily make a two-course meal out of tasty filled breads. (via It’s a Lovely Life)

8. Calzone: Tuck into this calzone filled with ricotta, mozzarella, roasted butternut squash, broccoli rabe and mushrooms — it’s pizza, reimagined! Talk about a perfect recipe to make for fall. (via A Cozy Kitchen)

9. Three Cheese Caprese Calzone: Fresh tomatoes and basil are stuffed inside these tasty breads along with ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella. Served with a homemade tomato sauce for dipping, they have a fantastic balance of flavors working in their favor. (via Food Network)

10. Sweet Corn Calzones: Enjoy these Indian-influenced calzones filled with potatoes, corn, spinach, onions and spicy peppers. The crust is especially unique — a fusion of pie and pizza doughs. (via Lite Bite)

11. Easy Philly Cheese Steak Calzone: Steak, onions and peppers mingle with tons of melted cheese inside of these hot pockets of doughy goodness. (via Will Cook for Smiles)

12. Ham + Cheese Calzones (Low-Carb, Gluten-Free): Ham and cheese work beautifully together tucked inside a buttery almond flour crust. (via All Day I Dream About Food)

13. Veggie Calzone With Roasted Garlic: Heads up, garlic lovers, this recipe’s for you. Between a roasted garlic cream, tomato sauce and a sprinkle of minced garlic on the crust before baking, two whole bulbs of the stuff are put to use. (via Leafy Greens and Me)

14. Goat Cheese, Basil and Italian Sausage Calzones: Mozzarella and goat cheese make an excellent cheesy duo in these calzones. The former lends moisture and a ton of melty goodness, while a few dabs of the latter impart a bit of tang to keep things interesting. (via Life as a Strawberry)

15. Breakfast Calzones: Enjoy waking up to these egg and cheese stuffed calzones. Have fun playing around with different fillings — crispy bacon, breakfast sausage, veggies — and maybe even biscuit or crescent roll dough in lieu of pizza crust. (via Pillsbury)

Which of these Italian-style hand pies are you looking forward to trying most? Let us know below!