If you’re looking for something with a little more “oomph” to top your baking confections and you’re over wax candles and traditional sprinkles, look no further. From rap lyrics to space ships, we’ve gathered some of the cutest and coolest cake and cupcake decorations we’ve ever come across. Now the only thing left to decide is what kind of party you want to throw and whether or not to add booze. Just promise to invite us, okay? We don’t want to miss out on the awesome parties that these decorations are sure to inspire.

Acrylic Cake Topper Set

1. Tree Toppers ($20): Bring the outside inside with these acrylic trees. Celebrating Arbor Day, Earth Day or any other event for Mother Nature never looked so good!

Birthday Flowers Topper

2. Floral Happy Birthday Topper ($40): Have a minimalist in your life who’s not so into making a big deal out of birthdays? Subtle well wishes accompany these gorgeous flowers, letting you keep it toned down, yet celebratory for that humble one you love so much.

Candy Rock Cupcake Platter

3. Candy Rock Cupcake Stand ($22): Sometimes a whole cake is just too much, but it’s a shame to let that baking creativity pass when the mood strikes you. This stunning cupcake stand solves it all — downsize the cake, but not the style. Continue to elevate your celebration-worthy work, no matter the size.

Champagne Bubble Topper

4. Champagne Bubble Toppers ($54): New Years is an obvious event choice, but when isn’t a fizzy celebration appropriate? Even a standard mimosa-filled brunch calls for a little bubbly. Bring the vibe full circle with these champagne-inspired toppers.

Cupcake Stands

5. Vintage Bird Cupcake Stand ($34): Put a bird on it with these vintage-inspired bad boys. Try adding blue peanut M&Ms to the top of your cupcakes for a robin’s egg touch to really embrace the bird theme.

Custom Cake Topper

6. Custom Cake Topper ($20): There’s no reason to settle for standard when it comes to someone super special in your life. Customize this topper with a name, a short personal note or witty inside joke to showcase the love you have for them.

Fern Love Topper

7. Fern Love Cake Topper ($50): Finally: A love fern that can never die! Perfect for anniversaries, weddings and Matthew McConaughey movie marathons alike.

Flower String Topper

8. Flower String Cake Topper ($40): Whether you’re celebrating spring or bringing a little warmth to the depths of winter, this floral topper showers a little sunshine wherever it goes.

Fortune Cupcake Molds

9. Fortune Cookie-Inspired Cupcake Molds ($12): These cupcake molds are giggle-inducing and have endless applications for fun.

Gem Toppers

10. Mini Gem Toppers ($15): Don’t limit these adorable toppers to cake — add some bling to donuts, cake pops and even yummy drinks by sticking them on top of a straw or some whipped cream.

Geometric Topper

11. Geometric Cake Toppers ($54): These modern marvels are chic and minimal and have endless applications. Imagine them on top of some brightly colored fondant or as the perfect accompaniment to silver sprinkles or confetti.

Give Thanks Topper

12. Give Thanks Cake Topper ($50): It’s a no-brainer for Thanksgiving, but there are so many more occasions for showing off or gifting this eye-catching topper. Got an awesome dog walker in your life? Hosting a retirement party? Show some love to those who have shown some to you through a tasty treat adorned with gratitude.

Gold Love Topper

13. Golden Love Topper ($20): Anytime you’d use the heart-eyed emoji is also the perfect occasion to whip out this minimal topper.

Gold Number Cupcake Toppers

14. Gold Number Toppers ($24): We’ve got so many ideas for what you can do with these: Replace traditional wax number candles with these golden beauties, tally up the number of days you’ve loved somebody or group them together to display wedding dates.

Happy Birthday Cupcake Kit

15. Celebrate Cupcake Kit ($19): Here’s everything you need for a little celebration — a ceramic stand, confetti and a beeswax candle. Just add a cupcake!

Love You Topper

16. Love You Script Topper ($64): This topper gives off a handwritten and heartfelt vibe perfect for an intimate celebration of the love you share with that stellar someone who has got your back, today and every day.

Make a Wish Topper

17. Wildflower Wish Topper ($40): Wishes don’t stop at birthdays with this wildflower cake topper. It goes great with any occasion when well wishes are welcome… which is basically always, come to think of it.

Mr and Mrs Topper

18. Mr. + Mrs. Cake Topper ($30): This beauty is made from sealed cherry wood, which means that it’s super food safe. You’ll be peeking in the freezer every week waiting for the day you get to bring this special topper and its top-tier accompaniment back into your life. We’d suggest framing it afterwards — it’s that easy on the eyes.

Ombre Heart Topper

19. Ombre Heart Cake Topper ($20): Ombre isn’t just for hair. We love the way the increasing color concentration is a subtle symbol for growing love. Awwww.

Oragami Toppers

20. Origami Crane Cake Toppers ($54): Check out this eastern take on the three-piece cake topper. Hang little DIY cloth swaddles from them, and they transform into some seriously cute baby shower-ready storks.

Over the Moon Topper

21. Over the Moon Topper ($50): While this topper speaks to the space explorer in all of us — who doesn’t love a good black hole or solar flare? — it goes just as well with a Cosmos marathon. Alternatively, think “Reach for the stars!” instead of “Congratulations,” and you’ve got as many uses for this topper as there are stars in the sky.

Party Picks

22. Party Picks Toppers ($18): These party picks make adorable cupcake toppers, but their uses go way beyond that. From cheese platters to chocolate fondue fountains, choose from eight different color combinations and never settle for boring toothpicks again.

Translucent Cake Stand

23. Translucent Cake Stand ($35): Imagine how lovely a white cake will look on top of this collapsible cake stand. It’s perfect for transporting, since it breaks down easily.

Rainbow Flags Topper

24. Rainbow Flag Topper ($18): Love wins with these colorful flags. Add extra flair by stringing them across the top of a larger cake or from one end of a row of rainbow cupcakes to the other.

Sailing Ship Topper

25. High Seas Cake Topper ($30): The notion of exploration that goes hand in hand with sea-crossing journeys lends itself well to celebrations of life’s transitions. However, any kid who loves pirates will probably be a fan too.

Shooting Star Topper

26. Color-Blocked Shooting Star Topper ($20): We love this glittery shooting start topper for its ability to say, “Make a wish!” with no words at all. Choose from charcoal, coral or mint, or splurge on all three and really have a party.

Silver Cake Stand

27. Silver Cake Stand ($90): Show off your expert baking skills or reward yourself for undertaking new baking adventures with this silver cake stand.

Star Cupcake Toppers

28. Star Cupcake Toppers ($20): Shoot for the stars with these cupcake toppers, available in white or amber. We really love how they look with glitter-dusted frosting.

Tin Cake Stand

29. Tin Cake Stand ($20): A cake stand this adorable isn’t made for storage. When not in use, put a couple candles on top of it for a beautiful kitchen glow.

Turn Down for What

30. Turn Down for What Script Cake Topper ($64): Here’s one way to get the party started. Rap lyrics in handwritten script? Don’t mind if we do.

Which decorations have you running to the store for cake supplies? Let us know in the comments below.