Breaking news, ladies! Baby showers — long considered a no-boys-allowed club à la makeover slumber parties and The Notebook screenings — have some competition on the front lines. Not only are men throwing their own parent-to-be parties, but they’re doing a good job at it too. The ladies-only showers we know all too well have the benefit of providing a space for new, old and soon-to-be moms to appreciate (and commiserate over) the miracles of birth and motherhood. Dad-chelor parties — the dude version of the celebration and a growing trend on Pinterest — are more of a crash-course in parenting that’s full of beer, dad jokes and silly games. They might not be the creatively themed showers we’re familiar with, but they’re adorable all the same. Here are seven ideas on how to throw one of your own.

Hangover-Cake-645x860 copy

1. Pop Culture References: If traditional cakes are on the menu, expect humor… and lots of it! From sheet cakes dressed up as Bud Light cans wearing diapers to this Hangover reference, future dads are all for starting their new role as the funny parent. (via Cake Central)

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2. Snacks Galore: American lager and hot wings are as popular on dad shower menus as virgin mojitos and pink and blue desserts are with the mommy counterparty. In our humble opinion, sounds like a pretty worthy feast, especially when these babies in blankets are involved. Don’t you just want to eat them up?! (via Popsugar Moms)


3. Dads + Diaper Cakes: You won’t be finding more masculine versions of adorable pastel cakes. Instead, the dudes tower alternating layers of beer cans + diapers, which is nothing short of impressive. Don’t forget a cool printable up top for the finishing touch. (via All Things Katie Marie)


4. Sh!t Man Shower Funny Beer Diaper Party ($20+): The number one thing to know about dad-chelor parties? Puns and dad jokes. Seriously. So. Much. Word play. Dad-chelors – similar to a bachelor, but rather celebrating the final moments of not being responsible for a tiny human – have come up with such themes as “Chuggies + Huggies,” “Beers + Babes Babies” and our personal favorite “Baby-Q.” Take, for example, these “Diapers, Dudes, Drinks” invites.


5. Baby Games + Beer Breaks: With late nights out with the guys soon to give way to midnight wails, exhausted groans and the sound of “it’s your turn” emerging from the darkness, future dads take the opportunity to live it up while they still have the chance. Beer pong tournaments are definitely happening amidst the occasional educational diaper-changing flip-cup rally. (via Crafty Blonde Girl)

Beer Themed Spread

6. More Beer + Snacks: We have to reiterate. After a thorough investigation into the deepest depths of Pinterest, beer as a theme for dad-chelor parties seems pretty much universal. Is it just the perception that dudes love beer? Are dad-chelor parties really really just a new reason to chill with the bros? We can’t tell for sure (and we fully recognize that a dad shower could be all sorts of things other than a “chuggies” party), but we do know that this beer-themed spread looks pretty deluxe. We’ll have another spoonful of queso on our soft pretzel, should we get an invite. (via Chicago Now)

Jack and Coke

7. Functional Favors: After an afternoon of drinking, which we’re just going to assume is the M.O. that accompanies advice about changing diapers and perfecting the stern father face, what’s a guy to do when he gets home? If you guessed keep drinking, that hypothesis would be supported by such clever Baby-Q favors as these to-go Jack + Cokes. Cigars are also a popular choice. (via Pizzazzerie)

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