We鈥檙e always down to give props to cool dads out there (props to pops if you will). Basically we鈥檇 like to be The New York Times of cool dad coverage. We still feel teary whenever we hear that new Macklemore song and it kind of melts us that two big time athlete dads like Steph Curry and Devon Still are obsessing over their daughter鈥檚 dance battles. While the concept of dads getting special tattoos for their daughters isn鈥檛 new (um hi, David Beckham and Harper) this dad from New Zealand goes above and beyond.


The Daily Mail reports that Alistair Campbell鈥檚 daughter Charlotte was diagnosed with a severe hearing impairment and needed to wear (super cool pink) a cochlear implant. To show his solidarity, Campbell got a cool cochlear implant tattooed on his own head and now he and the six year old are basically twinsies.

Head tattoos really hurt (we hear, we鈥檙e too chicken to try it for ourselves) so the fact that this dad went through this pain just to make his little girl feel special is really sweet. When it comes to supporting hearing impaired children, Campbell doesn鈥檛 just stop at ink. He also boxes to raise money for the Hear 4聽Kids Trust, which is now raising money for cochlear implants for kids in need after smashing their first goal of raising $37,000 for a second implant for a with a congenital hearing loss.

Totally different, but this kind of makes us miffed that our dad didn鈥檛 get tatted up when we had to wear headgear and braces back in the day.

Correction: This post originally referred to Charlotte鈥檚 cochlear implant and the Hear for Kids Trust incorrectly and has since been updated.

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(h/t Daily Mail, photos via Facebook)