Oh, Macklemore you sure don鈥檛 share the details of your family鈥檚 journey in a subtle way. And we wouldn鈥檛 have it any other way, TBH. After sharing an ultrasound appointment video at the beginning of the year confirming his family was expanding with now-wife (we鈥檒l get to that in a moment) Tricia Davis, he just uploaded a brand new song that revealed plenty of vital info. <3

This morning the Grammy-winning duo that is Macklemore + Ryan Lewis shared their first new song since 2012鈥檚 The Heist called 鈥淕rowing Up (Sloane鈥檚 Song)鈥 that has way more going for it than just an Ed Sheeran cameo. Here鈥檚 why this song is significant. The song鈥檚 notes, shared on Soundcloud, revealed the sex of Macklemore鈥檚 newborn (a daughter), her name (Sloane Ava Simone Haggerty) and her birthdate (May 29). But that鈥檚 not all because the single鈥檚 artwork also featured Macklemore holding Sloane鈥檚 hand with a wedding band. So it looks like that June 27 tweet 鈥淔eels like a good day to get married :)鈥 was more than just your average social media post ;)

macklemore baby name

Congrats to the happy couple and here鈥檚 hoping more songs from the rapper鈥檚 new album will feature moments dedicated to the new ladies in his life.

How adorable is this Sloane dedication song from Macklemore? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

(Photos via Christopher Polk/Getty + @baba_g)