Dates are a very versatile fruit that is (sadly) often overlooked in favor of its more popular friends. Luckily, here at Brit HQ, we make sure to leave no fruits behind in our roundups of delicious and delectable recipes. Dates can be incorporated into your snack or mealtime in so many scrumptious ways. They can be eaten plain, stuffed or chopped up. No matter how you prefer your dates, these 20 delish recipes should inspire plenty of tasty eating.

1. Peanut Butter + Jelly Date Smoothie: What?! PB + J in shake form?! Yes, it’s true. (via Minimalist Baker)

2. Three Ingredient Energy Bars: Dust off that food processor. With just three ingredients, these power bars are a cinch to make at home. (via The Kitchn)

3. Zucchini Brownies: These tasty treats are sweetened with medjool dates to make them extra healthy. Yup, healthy brownies are a thing. (via Fat Free Vegan Kitchen)

4. Pecan Pie Larabars: These yummy bars boast all the flavor of homemade pecan pie with none of the after-dessert guilt. These only take a few minutes to whip up. (via My Whole Food Life)

5. Breakfast Shake: Start your day off right with a healthy on-the-go shake that combines oats, dates and almonds for a morning energy boost. (via With Style + Grace)

6. Date Shake Popsicles: Keep these date-sweetened popsicles on hand to beat the summer heat. The best part? They’re sugar-free. (via Whole Living)

7. Citrus Salad: Not only does this salad look amazing, but it features dates stuffed with goat cheese. Yum! (via Food52)

8. Bacon Wrapped Dates: Our girl LC knows how to bring the party (appetizers). Wrap pitted dates in bacon and cook until crispy for a restaurant-worthy app that’s sure to please crowds everywhere. (via Lauren Conrad)

9. Coffee Banana Date Smoothie: Combine your morning coffee fix and breakfast into one with this creamy, dreamy smoothie. (via The Dreaming Foodie)

10. Stuffed + Baked Apples: These sweet but healthy delights are stuffed with nuts and dates for a truly wonderful snack. How about them apples? (via Family Fresh Cooking)

11. Salted Caramel Overnight Oats: This sweet and salty breakfast combo includes ice cream made with bananas and medjool dates. Looks like you can have ice cream for breakfast after all. (via Honey and Figs)

12. Almond Date Balls: We couldn’t help but include one of our very own date recipes. Pop these in your mouth for an energizing post-workout boost. (via Brit + Co)

13. Roasted Cauliflower: Cauliflower dishes are becoming a new favorite, and this one includes dates for a sweet and salty combination that will leave your taste buds tingling. (via Wandering Spice)

14. Pumpkin Spice Date Bars: Okay, so we know it’s not fall quite yet, but you can still whip up this fall-inspired treat. (via Paleo Foodie Kitchen)

15. Spiced Pear + Salted Cinnamon Date Caramel Stacks: Despite the long name, this snack is super easy to make. After slicing your pear, simply layer on the rest of the ingredients. (via Needs Salt)

16. Chocolate-Hazelnut-Cranberry Wreath: This pretty pastry is filled with cocoa date filling. Not only are you getting your fruit for the day, but also your share of chocolate-y goodness. This one would also make a great housewarming or hostess gift! (via Elemental Custard)

17. Tahini Date Salted Caramels: Combine barhi dates, tahini and coconut oil for a chewy caramel-like treat. Though these don’t taste like traditional caramels, we think they’re just as good. (via The Kitchn)

18. Date Sweetened Horchata: This is a health nut’s dream! Enjoy your horchata without all the sugar. Instead, sweeten with dates and get sipping on this refreshing summer drink. (via Minimalist Baker)

19. Stuffed Dates: Stuff medjool dates with goat cheese and orange zest for a citrus snack perfect for your summer parties. (via Food52)

20. Cookie Dough Bars: What could be better than a snack that tastes like dessert but packs in the protein? These healthy bars are great for an energy boost after a long day at the office (or the gym!). (via Untrained Housewife)

How do you eat your dates? Tell us in the comments below!