Like it or not, Valentine鈥檚 Day is coming up fast, and it鈥檚 got all of us in a romantic kind of mood. Not everyone is paired up, which is totally fine by us. Whether you鈥檙e spending the day with your gals for the ultimate Galentine鈥檚 Day or you鈥檙e single but looking forward to a solo Valentine鈥檚 Day (because you rock!), you miiight just be a part of that 90 percent of single American adults who have an online dating profile. With such stiff competition in scoring a date these days, sometime you just want some advice. Three of our Brit + Co fellas bravely offered up their dating profiles for evaluation by a panel of love experts for a total profile makeover. Oh, and ladies, they鈥檙e single ;)

Meet Our Pros


Beth Mandell is an NYC-based matchmaker and relationship expert at VIP Life who left an executive role in the beauty industry to take on the matchmaking world and has been a professional matchmaker since 2009.

Nicole Williams_desk_01

Nicole Williams is the founder of WORKS, a 鈥渃areer brand dedicated to inspiring, revitalizing, educating and energizing professional women.鈥 Aside from her role as a career counselor and a spokesperson for LinkedIn for the last three years, Nicole is also a dating and relationship expert.


Kimberly Wang (that鈥檚 me!) is the News Editor for Brit + Co, but before meeting my current boyfriend online (Coffee Meets Bagel, FTW!), I went on countless online dates (like hundreds, really). I鈥檝e coached several friends, co-workers and acquaintances on their dating profiles.

Meet Our Bachelors

We let the Brit + Co bros share a bit about themselves with our expert panel, then let the experts loose on their profiles. Spoiler: There鈥檚 some good dating advice in here that we could *all* benefit from.


Jeff Kneis, Senior Data Analyst, Brit + Co

鈥淭here isn鈥檛 much more to tell you to be completely honest. I would definitely list myself as a rookie at the online dating realm. I think I first started probably around a year ago. I would also say I actually have an app downloaded less than half of that year. No real successes to speak about other than a few conversations with girls that never went anywhere. I never met anyone in real life from an app.

I think I could use some help on photo choices and how serious I should be in the profile in general. I am usually more of a joking type of guy and I am not sure if that comes across the wrong way through my profile. I think a major issue is that I really don鈥檛 have many photos of just myself. I think if I was to get serious about online dating I would need some better photos of just me.鈥


Beth鈥檚 Read of Jeff鈥檚 Profile

Pros: Photo one is a great photo. He looks handsome, confident and like a nice person. Plus most women enjoy a man in a cute light blue button down shirt. You can鈥檛 really go wrong there. Photo three would be another great photo but he needs to crop the woman out. Never have another woman in your photo. It makes women wonder who she is and makes the man seem less confident. That said, his face looks handsome and his expression is confident. Photo six shows a fun, cool side that we do not get from photo one. He needs to crop the woman out.

This bio is pretty perfect. The travel comment is nice to know even if it is a bit generic. 5鈥11鈥 is great. Looking for someone to sing the J Lo part to 鈥淚鈥檓 Real鈥 is adorable. It makes him seem relationship oriented, witty and confident all at the same time. It is the trifecta of what women want.

Cons: Pic four ruins the entire batch of photos. It actually ruins this entire profile. It is absolutely awful in every way and pic five is not that cute

SCORE: [3D Printed] Roses (if pic number four is removed)鈥 otherwise

Nicole鈥檚 Read of Jeff鈥檚 Profile

Pros: I like how Jeff was showing off his humorous side with the Ja Rule reference. He is smiling in his photos which immediately shows warmth and confidence.

Cons: But I haven鈥檛 actually learned anything about him that would make me reach out to him. He lives in SF鈥 along with a million other people and likes to travel. Details are key to attracting women and starting a relationship. You need to make yourself stick out. I鈥檇 remove the photos of him with other women. You鈥檙e on Bumble to meet a great girl, not advertise your past conquests.

Kim鈥檚 Read of Jeff鈥檚 Profile

Pros: Your featured photo is pretty great. Also, thumbs up for all your photos looking like a fair representation of yourself in person. You get one point for having a sweet, sweet job. ;) Props for including your height and the funny sentence about J.Lo.

Cons: Okay, unlike Beth, I don鈥檛 mind the kooky photo with the headband and sunglasses. I think it鈥檚 kind of funny actually. I do take issue with the fact that there are so many other girls in your pics 鈥 two and a half, actually, since you cropped one (almost) out. Now, I don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 set in stone that you absolutely cannot have photos with girls on your dating profile, but IF you choose to do so, in order to not scare a girl off, you should clarify in the caption whether someone is a friend, your sister, a co-worker or whatever. Rule of thumb though: no photos with exes. You鈥檇 be surprised how many guys don鈥檛 know that. Traveling is dandy and all, but tell me something interesting. Liking travel reeeally isn鈥檛 memorable in a competitive dating scene.



Kurt Andre, Photographer and Videographer, Brit + Co

鈥淚鈥檓 only on OkCupid. The profile is over six years old. I鈥檝e been going on it periodically for years 鈥 a few months on and then few months off type of thing. I鈥檝e never had much success. Had a two year stretch when I wasn鈥檛 on at all. Not really looking for anything too serious though鈥 just kind of going with the flow, ya dig? If it happens, it happens. Not sure what I want out of this. Maybe the pros could give me a letter grade and first impressions on who I am and how big of an idiot I come across as based on the profile?鈥


Beth鈥檚 Read on Kurt鈥檚 Profile

Pros: The 鈥淛esus鈥 photo is cute. He looks adorable, confident and the caption is funny. Women love confidence and humor and he hits on both here without overdoing it or trying too hard. Plus that sweatshirt looks cozy and makes me think he will smell nice. The 鈥淭his guy鈥 pic is also cute. Again, he is using humor with his caption and he looks handsome. He has a small smile and his pose is confident, yet also humble. Women love a confident man that is also humble and vulnerable. I want to date the man in these two photos. Overall this bio is witty and smart. There is a nice mix of tidbits, humor and depth. I like 鈥淚鈥檓 really good at making people feel comfortable, yet awkward at the same time.鈥 I also connected to 鈥淚 spend a lot of time thinking about how the universe came to be鈥︹ Those two quotes are a great mix of funny, genuine, sweet and deep. This is a guy I would want to get to know.

Cons: Ok, I had to google 鈥渂loviate鈥 and I scored quite well on my verbal SATs. This fact (as well as the actual definition of bloviate) made this photo feel pretentious. Pic two isn鈥檛 that cute. Also, women typically do not enjoy a mustache pic. It also makes us think you might be an actor鈥 which is fine if you actually ARE an actor but weird if you are not. The Oakie pic confused me and I was not a fan of the cock reference. It might be funny once I knew you but not funny as a potential date. An online profile is supposed to get you to phase two: THE DATE. This is just your opener. Don鈥檛 open with a cock joke.

All references to being perverted, pubic hair and sex offenders need to go. I get it: You have a twisted sense of humor. But you are seriously limiting your potentials here. You can be witty and funny without freaking people out. It will also make women feel that you are not serious and only looking for hook ups (in a bad way).

Nicole鈥檚 Read on Kurt鈥檚 Profile

Pros: His photos display his fun personality which is refreshing. A sense of humor ranks high on many women鈥檚 list.

Cons: Is this a dating profile or a funny Instagram meme? While parts of it are really funny he needs to tone it down in order for women to take him seriously. I鈥檇 insert a few photos that show a softer side as well. Pictures that articulate he can hold down a serious conversation and is not just a jokester. I鈥檇 also remove the poison oak photo. I鈥檇 be wondering if he was still contagious. Not the most kissable nor attractive photo.

Kim鈥檚 Read on Kurt鈥檚 Profile

Pros: I LOLed at the group pic where you circled yourself with arrows. Good job solving that age-old online dating issue. I think most of your photos make you look pretty good actually and I appreciate the dry sense of humor when you鈥檙e showing off your records. Love the bit about what you do and where you鈥檙e from + the fact that you鈥檙e so serious about filmmaking. I also appreciate your forthrightness with being straight edge and all, yet giving it a humorous spin. I also think that potential dates will appreciate your love of movies, taste in music and books.

Cons: Okay, so not every photo is doing you favors. I鈥檇 ditch the megaphone pic and maybe come up with something else in the caption for Bloviate. Also, I agree with Beth when she says to get rid of the 鈥淥akie the Boy鈥 pic 鈥 UNLESS you clarify it鈥檚 a project you worked on or something. Generally, you don鈥檛 want that word anywhere on your profile before you鈥檝e even gotten to make an impression in person. I鈥檇 also scrub your bio of pubic hair talk and not to be the bearer of bad news, but the sex offender joke is just not working. Would also rethink the phrase 鈥渢rolling the Tenderloin.鈥 Look, the number one fear women have about meeting a guy online is that he鈥檚 going to be a total creep. While you may have a perfectly creep-like sense of humor a la Creed from The Office, YOU are not a creep. Now look in a mirror and repeat that. Consider combing through your bio again with a non-creep filter and editing it accordingly.

Bryan Lemos, Director of Video, Brit + Co

鈥淚 had some not so great experiences when I started with Tinder in 2013 so I halted dating apps for a couple months then went back on about a year ago. I had some fun one time dates, and a really nice relationship that lasted 10 months or so (I still consider it a success). At the time of writing this I鈥檓 going on a third date with someone this week so we鈥檒l see how that turns out (I鈥檓 pretty picky and in 80 percent of cases, I鈥檓 out after one date鈥 if it鈥檚 not a 鈥淗ELL YEAH鈥, then I鈥檓 out). I鈥檇 like the pros to help me show my humorous self with a side of chill down to earth in my profile鈥 and of course put my best, most realistic pics forward to attract someone I am most compatible with.鈥


Beth鈥檚 Read on Bryan鈥檚 Profile

Pros: These photos are great. He looks friendly, confident, down to earth, sporty and handsome. Sometimes photos with family (it looks like he is posing with his mother or aunt here?) can be cheesy or look like you are trying too hard. But he is rocking this one. It is sweet and casual and he does not look posed or cheesy. This bio is short and simple. I like the fun facts. He is coming across as a cute nice guy that is not trying to win you over with a cheesy pick up line.

Cons: All of these photos are working for me. Nothing needs work here. There is no reason a woman would feel put off by anything in this profile.

SCORE: He nailed it.

Nicole鈥檚 Read on Bryan鈥檚 Profile

Pros: A photo with mom and grandma? Score! Women love seeing a man who can get along with their family. He also includes specifics in his profile which is always a great conversation starter.

Cons: Although, I鈥檇 love to learn more about his professional background and generally have a better sense of who he is and what makes him different. I鈥檇 also add more photos that can help tell his story. Do you like to travel, surf or hike? Upload some actions shots.

Kim鈥檚 Read on Bryan鈥檚 Profile

Pros: Great job on your pics 鈥 they鈥檙e sporty (reppin鈥 the SF Giants!), show off your cool job (bonus for taking a photo with THE Rebecca Minkoff no less), display your artistic side AND I gotta give you serious brownie points for including a photo with your fam. Could that picture be any cuter?! Extra bonus points for not having a photo with a tiger or on top of Machu Picchu. The Wheel of Fortune, driving the president and not drinking caffeine bit is great for opening up a convo.

Cons: We could use some captions. You only get so much space to let a woman know your voice, your sense of humor and whatever else they need to swipe right. No need for an essay, but something short and sweet to explain what鈥檚 going on in each pic would definitely help. I think I fell asleep during the first sentence TBH. Every person on the planet enjoys having fun, a good sense of humor and traveling (unless you鈥檙e a hermit 鈥 in which case, you probably wouldn鈥檛 be on Happn). Crack a joke or something, but whatever you do, don鈥檛 be generic. (Still, you get bonus points for not talking about Machu Picchu).

We鈥檒l check in with the boys post-VDay to see if they made any changes based on the pros鈥 advice鈥 and to see if they found love.

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