Maybe Dean Unglert has finally made up his mind. Thanks to some under-the-radar social media snaps this week, rumors are swirling that the Bachelorette alum 鈥 who spent season four of Bachelor in Paradise going back and forth between Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard 鈥 may be trying to rekindle a romance with one of them.

Fans who follow Wells Adams on Instagram may have noticed Unglert and Schulman, along with Luke Pell, James Taylor, Danielle Maltby, and Christen Whitney, hanging out (with a pup!) at a radio station in one of Adams鈥 Insta stories. And while we don鈥檛 know the nature of the onetime couple鈥檚 reunion, Lombard told theiHeart Radio Ben and Ashley I. Podcast this week that she believes Unglert is trying to sort out his relationship with Schulman.

鈥淔rom what I know, he鈥檚 trying to work things out with Kristina,鈥 she told hosts Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti, adding, 鈥淚鈥檓 trying to be respectful and keep my distance.鈥

Lombard also addressed the drama in an interview with Us Weekly, saying Unglert is 鈥渢he kind of person who changes his mind every couple of days, maybe even every couple of hours.鈥

Unglert, for his part, told Extra last week that he was working to regain Schulman鈥檚 trust. 鈥淜ristina and I have had multiple discussions. 鈥 I think that for her to be, I guess, so exposed over the course of the month that we were in Paradise together, there just needs to be kind of like a rebuilding of trust between the two of us, and it鈥檚 not going to happen overnight. I mean, we still talk a lot. I talk to her every single day.鈥

Unglert and Schulman may be spending time together currently, but E! Newsreports that he鈥檚 heading to Las Vegas to hang out and party at the iHeart Radio music festival this weekend.

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(Photo via ABC/Paul Hebert)