Once you’ve spent the time to pick out the perfect bottle of wine, you can’t just pop the cork and gulp it! No sir. Show your spirits some tender love and care by transferring it to a decanter. Not only will this simple act hands-down improve the taste, it will also undeniably spruce up your serving table. These 18 dashing decanters for wine and liquor will do the job in style.

1. Etched Vino Decanter ($94): These etched decanters would look right at home in a bustling bistro or cafe. Each comes hand wrapped in a wooden crate, making them jump to the top of our list of holiday gifts for the home.

2. Crystalline Decanter ($68): Want your home bar to be as dapper as Don Draper’s? Then call dibs on these classic glass decanters. Their elegant facets will stand out even more once filled with whiskey or bourbon.

3. Black Tie Bliss Wine Decanter ($190): You can’t call yourself a true wine lover until this decanter stands tall on your table. The heart-shaped cutout doubles as an adorable detail and handle grip.

4. Variation Decanter ($50): If the Mad Hatter was into wine, this is definitely the decanter he’d have on his topsy-turvy banquet table. Its internal design helps facilitate aeration whether it’s tilted on its side or standing at attention.

5. Yours, Mine, and Ours Decanter Set ($65): Aren’t you the charmer? This classy decanter set promotes the social side of sipping a nice glass of scotch.

6. Lyra Decanter ($360): We’re swooning over this sculptural decanter. Its sleek, almost-linear design, which tapers into a delicate spout, is sure to wow any wine drinker.

7. Rainman Decanter (roughly $74): When we shout “make it rain,” we’d like one of two things to happen: either someone starts showering us in dollar bills, or we get a full glass of wine poured from this dope decanter.

8. Etched World Globe Liquor Set ($50): This globe-etched liquor decanter is nothing less than world class. It obviously works best when set in the study next to a box of cigars.

9. Fia Decanter ($60): Stained glass masterpiece, or stunning decanter? We vote both for this Art Deco-inspired decanter. Its round yellow stopper shines bright like a blazing sun.

10. Boa Decanter ($446): This coiling glass decanter can slither down our way anyday! Its serpentine design allows for the wine to aerate in seconds.

11. Skeleton Decanter ($50): We’ve watched enough cartoons to know to stay away from bottles adorned with a skull and crossbones. But after seeing this playful decanter, we may be rethinking that mindset…just this once. ;)

12. Black and White Stripe Decanter Set ($110): Black and white stripes bring this ceramic decanter into the modern age. Its a perfect set for those looking for a more rustic alternative to glass.

13. Dancing Droplet Decanter ($68): These tinted, rippled decanters resemble elegant apothecary jars. We can’t get enough of their girly, vintage vibe.

14. Tilted Wine Decanter with Ice Pocket ($75): We love the farm-to-table feel of this jug decanter. A built-in ice pocket will keep your white wine pleasantly chilled.

15. Michael Graves Design Wine Decanter ($86): This whimsical wine decanter is downright delightful. Savor each sip while you watch the little blue bird soar through a sky of white wine.

16. Alba Decanter ($49): Keep it simple with this glass decanter equipped with a beautiful, olive wood stopper. Plus, who doesn’t love a decanter that knows how to rock a bolo tie? ;)

17. Pick Your Poison Decanter (not yet available): While these dueling decanters take their inspiration from the science lab, they’ll undoubtedly look at home on any modern bar cart. This versatile set comes with 14 custom corks, each laser-etched with the name of a different spirit.

18. Zombie Glass Decanter ($20): When the apocalypse strikes, alcohol will only be decanted via zombie heads. Prepare yourself for this gruesome consumption with this undead glass decanter.

BONUS:The Strange Carafes ($1,617+): The art and wine worlds collide in this seriously jaw-dropping set of carafes. We’re floored by each stunning creation.

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