Ahh, December. It’s the home stretch of the year, and for some of us, it’s also the home stretch of our third trimester. For babies born in the twelfth month, there’s no shortage of unique names to commemorate their arrival. Since you’re doubly busy with the holiday season and impending labor and delivery (no big deal), we’ve saved you a bit of research and pulled together some of the best and brightest (not to mention merriest) creative names for the best holiday gift anyone could ever receive.

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1. December: Obviously December is a perfect name for someone born in the twelfth month of the year. The word itself evokes visions of twinkling lights and time spent with loved ones. Who wouldn’t want that associated with their name?

2. Hiver: Pronounced “ee-vayher” with a quick, airy sweep through that second syllable, the word is French for “winter.” Extra mega bonus points if you happen to give birth with the soothing sounds of Bon Iver (“good winter”) playing in the background.

3. Jiilaal: The Somali word for “winter” is also really beautiful, particularly if the little one has Somalian roots or there’s a sentimental attachment of some sort for their parents.

4. Lumi: This name may make you think of light, as in “illuminate” or the French word lumiere, but it actually means “snow” in both Estonian and Finnish. It also sounds a bit like “luminaria,” and who doesn’t love those around the holidays?

5. Cher: Here’s another word meaning “snow,” but this time in Macedonian. It’s perfect for two style goddesses of the modern age — everyone’s favorite Clueless heroine in the ’90s, and Cher herself before that — and it might be perfect for your little bundle of beauty too.

6. Nieve: This word means “snow” as well, except in Spanish. Pronounced correctly, it’s “nee-ev-ay,” but it could also be pronounced “nev,” like Neve Campbell. It doesn’t matter either way, though: It’s gorgeous any way you say it.

7. Joy: There’s no greater joy than being with the ones we love and celebrating with good food, great music and a cupful of something warm and delicious. If your child’s arrival is slated for December, though, that just might trump all those other wonderful things, so why not commemorate it in her name?


8. Holly: A perfectly sweet name that’s synonymous with holiday imagery, it still works all year ’round. The iconic Audrey Hepburn character, Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, isn’t a shabby point of inspiration either.

9. Robin: Although these aviary beauties tend to fly south for the winter, they still manage to pop up in a lot of holiday iconography, perhaps because of their red feathers. Regardless, who wouldn’t want to be named after a songbird?

10. North: Sure, Kim and Kanye already took it there, but you have to admit it’s a sweet name for any gender and perfect for this time of year.

11. Nicholas: If you’re a kid at heart who will always love good ol’ St. Nick, maybe consider tipping your hat to Santa Claus and passing that childlike sense of wonder on to your own little bundle of joy.

12. Aster: Meaning “star,” this Greek name is dreamy, simple and ideal for a baby born on a starry night. It’s also the name of a pretty purple flower, of course, so that’s two gorgeous natural motifs attached to one sweet name. Imagine the nursery decor possibilities!

13. Bianca: A popular Italian baby name that doubles as the word for “white,” it conjures up images of pure winter snow. It’s also got kind of a rock star edge to it, so if you’ve got a tiny bohemian on your hands, this name might be just the thing to call her.

14. Jack: With a nod to Jack Frost, this classic name could be used in its traditional form as a nickname for John, or it can act as the birth name altogether. Either way, prepare to turn your dorky parental humor knob all the way up and yell, “Hit the road, Jack!” every time you bid him farewell.

15. Eirwen:Lord of the Rings fans will recognize this as an alternate spelling of “Arwen,” the character played by Liv Tyler in the LOTR films. It means “white as snow,” which couldn’t be better suited for a December baby whose parents are fans of individuality.

What’s your favorite December baby name? Share in the comments below!

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