Grandma probably thinks you should name your new baby Helen, after her. But even if she’s more open-minded than that, the following creative baby names might render her speechless — which may be the effect you’re after. Taken from celebrity baby names, current trends and creative spellings, the unique baby names below are anything but ordinary.

Shocking Baby Girl Names


1. Adecyn

2. Annistyn

3. Brycin

4. Capri

5. Clor

6. Cyder

7. Golden

8. Grande

9. Kodiak

10. Lucida

11. Macen

12. Merrigan

13. Ryo

14. Snow

15. Tequila

16. Tycen

17. Vegas

18. Whizdom

Shocking Baby Boy Names

1. Ace

2. Bandit

3. Colt

4. Explorer

5. Jantzen

6. Legend

7. Raiden

8. Rocket

9. Xen

10. Zeus

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