An epic summer vacation is usually what we’re thinking about when we drift off during a super boring meeting at work. But as much as we’d love to be sipping mai tais by the beach, there is one definite downside of traveling: flying. Between the long line at security, the unexpected delays and the lack of legroom, it can put a damper on your wanderlust-loving spirit for sure. But if you’re flying Delta or American Airlines anytime soon, your journey might just be a little more enjoyable than usual.

Let’s start with Delta’s big news. According to a press release, Delta is taking a hint from cult-favorite airline Virgin America by ditching the fees and offering free in-flight entertainment on a whopping 90% of their fleet. Delta will offer up to 300 movies, 750 TV shows, 100 foreign film titles, 2,400 songs, 18 channels of live satellite TV and a selection of games with their seat-back entertainment systems. The new perk will start July 1.

Now, let’s chat about what’s going down on American Airlines. If you could care less about watching TV up in the sky and really just want to surf the web or get ahead on some work, American recently announced they’re bringing satellite wifi to 100 of their planes. While the airline already offers wifi, they’ve struck a deal with ViaSat that will provide customers with 12Mbps to each seat. That speed will allow something totally groundbreaking: multimedia streaming options. Netflix and fly? The only bummer is this sadly will not be available in time for that summer trip to the Bahamas. According to TechCrunch, the upgrade is set to take place in September of next year.

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