As you probably know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month all over the country, and this particular week at Brit + Co. is all about pink. Last week we rounded up 20 products you can buy to show your support, and today is all about must-makes and must-haves for a perfect pink party. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s DIY post that also includes a contest that’s all about thinking pink!

1. Pink Champagne Cocktails: A great cocktail for a brunch or lunchtime holiday bash, combine pink champagne with limoncello for this bit of loveliness. (via A Splash of Vanilla)

2. Pink Party Crown ($20): Celebrate as you fundraise with this beautiful laser cut party crown. Cheers!

3. Pink Dino Vases: Wait a minute, are pink dinos greater than gold ones? (via Confetti Sunshine)

4. Pink Tassel Garland ($35): Made by our favorite tassel-makers over at Studio Mucci, this party decor can be used time and time again.

5. Paint Chip Garlands: Or you can go the free route and stock up on paint chips next time you’re at the hardware store. We used a few fancy punches and a sewing machine to make this set of festive garlands. (via Brit + Co.)

6. Pink Party Marshmallows: Forget about painstaking petit fours – make a whole host of chocolate-covered marshmallows on the think pink theme. (via She Wears Many Hats)

7. Pink Rosette Backdrop: Rosette backdrops brighten up any party, and we love the mix of aqua and pink behind this delicious dessert table. (via Design Dazzle)

8. Wooden Pink-Dipped Party Bowl ($139): Add a pop of pink to your regular serveware by snagging (or DIYing) this color-dipped bowl.

9. Pink Party Hat Piñata: A piñata made of party hats? Yes, this is real. (via Oh Happy Day)

10. Bubblegum Pink and White Striped Straws ($4): What’s a party without party-themed party straws? Not a party at all, silly!

11. Glittered Candle Holders: We should add this one to our DIY candle roundup! Love the glittery votive holders for a bit of extra flair. (via Birds Party)

12. Kiss Confetti: We love this girly set of confetti. You can make your own from streamers or tissue paper. (via Martha Stewart)

13. Hot Pink Rock Candy: Rock candy… rocks! Okay but all puns aside, we love the crystal quality of a bowl of rock candy. (via Tori Spelling)

14. Cotton Candy Tray: Speaking of old school homemade candy, how cool is this acrylic cotton candy tray? (via Oh Happy Day)

15. “Enjoy” DIY Banner: Lastly, whether you’re celebrating a friend who has just become cancer-free, supporting someone going through treatment, or both, remember to enjoy all the moments that you have with each other. (via Bekentenissen van een Zoetekauw)

We hope you’re thinking pink this month in support of breast cancer awareness. If you’re throwing a pink party this month, tell us about it in the comments below.