As early polls are rolling in, and people are getting real nervous, CNN commentator Wolf Blitzer might have just made a major slip on live TV. As he was highlighting the early poll numbers in Florida, the news anchor accidentally called Donald Trump by his family鈥檚 ancestral name 鈥淒rumpf.鈥

If you鈥檝e been following this election all year, you鈥檒l know that John Oliver hosted a majorly popular segment on his HBO show Last Week Tonight where he launched a viral anti-Trump meme 鈥淢ake Donald Drumpf Again鈥 鈥 a play on the Republican candidate鈥檚 campaign slogan. Watch the hilarious segment below in case you haven鈥檛 seen it yet.

Naturally, Twitter is on it.

Thanks, Twitter, for everything.

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(Photo via Chip Somodevilla)