Guys, Election Night is upon us, and in just a few hours, we will know who will be sitting in the Oval Office for the next four years — will it be the leader of Pantsuit Nation or the other guy? Given the direction this campaign year has taken, this is certainly a nail-biting moment. And in times of certain and imminent change, Twitter is always right there for us to perfectly express how we’re all collectively feeling in 140 characters or less.

When the candidates are definitely feeling the heat.

When this election has got you sweatin’.

When even neighbors up north are like, “You okay, bro?”

When this is your RN.

When you remember after this is all over, there’s still other stuff to deal with.

When the anxiety has rendered you useless and all you can do is doodle kitties.

When you relate to this.

When you ask yourself, “Seriously, when did Kermit become so relatable?”

When this is your inner monologue. ALL. WEEK.

When you’re so nervous, donuts are the only answer.

When this is… yep.

When you start imagining the worst.

When it’s time to break out the cocktails.

When it’s almost 7pm somewhere.

When it’s time to grab the popcorn.

When this is actually what your “I Voted” sticker should say.

When this is the sticker your British compatriots wish they could be wearing.

When you finally reach your moment of Zen.

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(Featured photo via Drew Angerer/Getty)