We strongly believe that creativity is a trait we’re ALL born with, but we also know how hard it can be to get those creative juices flowing, so we are constantly on the lookout for new ways to give ourselves an extra boost. We like to think of them as creativity espresso shots! Did you know that the color green can actually help spark creativity? Color us surprised! A story published by the Huffington Post is making us seriously consider painting the town green. Researchers at the University of Munich asked 69 participants to take a few minutes to come up with as many different uses for a tin can as they could think up. Before the test, the participants were shown either a white rectangle or a green rectangle.

The results? Those who were shown a green rectangle before the test were more likely to come up with creative and imaginative answers for tin can uses than those who were shown the white rectangle. The test was repeated with other colors, and each time green proved to be more effective for boosting creativity. Stephanie Lichtenfeld, the study lead, suggests that our brains associate the color green, which is everywhere in nature, with growth and development. That association makes us strive to grow and develop as well. Fancy that!

Wanna get in on the creativity-boosting bandwagon? Try adding a green leafy plant to your desk at the office or switching up your desktop wallpaper to an image with a lot of green. All it takes is a quick peek to cash in on the creative benefits.

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