We fully believe in having art in every room in your home. (We call it the LOOvre, after all!) And there are so many beautiful food and drink themed prints, posters, and photos out there that they just make sense in the kitchen. Here are our top 24 favorites—all good enough to eat! And a few of the artists will even be at Re:Make, our event coming up in just a few short weeks! Bon appetit!

Castelfranco Print

1. Castelfranco on Black ($115): This stunning print is of one of the lesser known members of the radicchio family—the castelfranco. We love this print and the fact that the artist will be at Re:Make!

Summer Plums

2. Summer Plums ($85): Consider this simplified plum painting our ode to stone fruit.

3. Live for Ice Cream (from $19): We’re sweet on this simple print. Plus, we love the fact that it comes in so many sizes. It’s sure to fit any decor.

4.For the Love of Pho ($22): Will we be ordering one of these deconstructed pho prints? Pho sho’.

5. Seasonal Fruit & Vegetable Poster ($18): Not only is this gold and craft paper poster beautiful, it’s also incredibly useful! It tells you when all of your favorite produce is in season. (You can get one of these at Re:Make, too!)


6. Mushroom Specimen Poster ($24): Add some French fungi flair with this print that looks like it’s straight out of a field guide.

7. Let’s Toast ($12): This cheeky little poster comes four different colors. It will find a home in your kitchen no matter your color scheme.

8. Herbs Watercolor Prints ($50): These simple prints look great when grouped together. And they’d be equally at home in your dining room or kitchen.

9. Alphabet Food (free): Originally designed as alphabet cards for a toddler, these food prints are free to print. Use photo paper to make them frame-worthy.

10. Chocolate Glazed Yeast Donut Watercolor ($50): A donut painting? We’ll take two please. (Another work of art you can pick up at Re:Make.)

11. Mini Breakfast Food Prints ($50): These prints look like something you’d find in a 1950s diner.

12. Simplifood Prints ($17 each): We can’t decide which of these we like best. Maybe it’s time to order the whole colorful set!

13. Measuring Spoons ($20): Add a kitchen utensil print to your space for good…measure.

14. State by Food Print ($20): What food is your state known for? This print lists them all.

15. Gelato Poster ($20): One of our favorites from our ice cream social roundup, this poster is still just to our taste.

16. Blueberry Print ($30): Enjoy your favorite summer fruit all year long with this print. We love the polka dot vibe. (Note: we think it’d be fun to DIY one of your own, too!)

17. Three Machines ($10): This poster of a work by artist Wayne Thiebaud is sweet enough to give you a toothache!

18. Beer/Food Prints ($44): Get these pairing posters for your favorite hops-loving friend.

19. Deconstructed Fast Food ($40): Fast food never looked so good (nor contained so few calories) as in these graphic prints. Go for the combo meal of a burger, fries, and cola.

20. Cheese Plate Print ($45): There is cheese involved. Of course we want this print.

21. Oil & Water Abstract ($17): If you want something a bit more conceptual, this oil and water print is the perfect mix.

22. Paris Baguettes ($75): Carb lovers, this photo is for you. Paleo friends, look but don’t touch.

23. Typographic Food Prints ($73): You knew there had to be some typography on this list. These prints are too good for words.

24. Tomatoes Are Red ($16): We can almost taste the tomatoes in this photo. Caprese salad, anyone?

How do you decorate your kitchen? Would you use any of these prints? Tell us which of these is your favorite in the comments!