Although there are a plethora of guides out there on how to style liquor bottles and other cocktail pieces, it’s not often you see tips on how to display wine bottles. While it can be generally agreed that wine bottles already exude a kind of classiness all their own — and, hence, don’t need further help looking chic — that doesn’t mean you can’t amp up their fancy factor. Reach new levels of sophistication in your space by adding some natural agate slices trimmed with gold to your wine tops via this DIY created by the the team at nousDECOR.

final shot gemstone 3

 — agate slices

— corks

— gold-leaf pen

 — hot glue gun

the tools gemstone


1. Color around the edges of each agate slice using your gold-leaf pen.

2. Set to dry.

3. Use your thumbnail to mark on the corks where the bottom of your agate slices will hit.

4. Hot glue the agate slices to the corks.

5. Hold the agates in place until the glue is dry.

step 1 gemstone

Make sure to carefully color the edges to avoid smearing the gold-leaf.

step 1 final shot gemstone

Set your slices out to dry before proceeding to the next step.

step 2 gemstone

If you don’t have a sharp thumbnail, a pencil or anything sharp will do. Just make sure you’re able to see the indent of your mark on the cork.

step 3 gemstone

Hot glue away!

final shot gemstone 5

The gold-leaf toppers pair perfectly with even more gold accents.

final shot gemstone 2

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