Folks, it’s that time of the year again. That time when you hit the shops to buy a fresh set of school supplies, killer kicks and all the bells and whistles that comes with a new school year. But aren’t you forgetting something? A new backpack, of course! Lucky for you, we packed up 14 backpacks that are ready to hit the hallways.

1. Lavender Backpack ($39): This lavender backpack has it all goin’ on. Get ready to be the cutest kid on campus (or at work ;)!

2. Herringbone Backpack ($32): Are you a grad student trying to set yourself apart from the rest of those college kids? This herringbone backpack will give you the one-up you’ve been looking for.

3. Off Black Minimal Rucksack ($359): So this might be the coolest rucksack we’ve seen in quite some time. Really, though. Have you seen a backpack like this before?!

4. Ecote Moira Kilim Backpack ($50): This print is quickly becoming a staple in our wardrobes these days. Talk about the perfect place to stash all those new school supplies of yours!

5. Metaphore Olive Green Backpack ($139): Doesn’t this pack just make you want to skip class and hit the hiking trails?

6. Leather Triangle Backpack ($180): So maybe triangle backpacks aren’t the *most* practical thing in the world, but hey, you can’t win ‘em all! Stock up on some triangle notebooks and you’ll be good to go ;)

7. Will Leather Goods Delilah Backpack ($395): While it has a pretty hefty price tag, this backpack is soft genuine leather that anyone would kill to sport at school. And I mean… that tassel? Yes, please!

8. Baggu Canvas Backpack ($42): This red bag is sure to stand out in the crowd of beat up JanSport packs.

9. Harper Ave Philip Backpack ($210): Talk about tres chic! If you’re one for the classic look, then this cream backpack is totally your style.

10. Herschel Polka Dot Backpack ($87): Just because summer’s over doesn’t mean you still can’t dress the part. Pair this bright backpack with white denim to prolong those summer days.

11. Mi-Pac Native Backpack ($58): Not one for color? Then this one’s definitely for you! Black and white geo print gets a #yes from us.

12. Joyrich Palm Rose Backpack($110): Okay, okay, floral. You win again. Take this backpack to class or on your next weekend getaway.

13. Eastpak Jungle Dots Backpack ($106): Got a full day of classes ahead of you? This pack will carry all of your essentials for a jam-packed schedule.

14. MARC BY MARC JACOBS Backpack ($198): Zip up your textbooks and school supplies faves in this colorful zippered pack.

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