We’ve all been there: chilling with friends in a backyard, knocking back drinks on a bright, sunny day. You swear you only put your beverage down for a few seconds, but suddenly you have no idea which cup is yours! Well you can bid those days of hazy confusion farewell. With this DIY Engraved Julep Cup Kit, you’ll never accidentally share drinks with your ex-boyfriend (ugh, who invited him anyway?). We’ll show you how to use an engraving pen to add a custom touch to this cocktail set which contains all of the tools needed to make a mint julep — or any cocktail for that matter.


Customize your julep cups by engraving your nickname right onto it. It’s the perfect gift for a summer wedding, a Derby Day party or a Kentucky Derby-themed wedding!


Never second guessing which cup is mine again? I’ll drink to that!


Materials (included in our kit!):

— engraving pen

— muddler

— julep cups

— jigger

Materials (not included in our kit):

— permanent marker

— nail polish remover

Get your materials together (or get the kit HERE), and let’s get started!


1. Draw your design directly onto the cup using permanent marker.

2. Use the engraving pen to trace your entire design, then go back and fill in the details.

3. When you’re finished, wipe off any remaining permanent marker with nail polish remover.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 with the muddler and jigger. Be careful when removing marker from the muddler — pressing too hard will strip the finish off the wood.


Draw out your design using the permanent marker. Don’t worry about messing up — you can easily wipe off any mistakes with the nail polish remover and some paper towels.


Hold the engraving pen the way you would a pencil. Pushing the button will activate the vibrating tip, which will engrave a wide range of material by scraping the surface. Start engraving by tracing your design. This will create a foundation for you to go back and add onto.


You’ll be able to check the design against the permanent marker.


When you’re happy with the outcome, you can remove the marker using nail polish remover and a paper towel.


You may need to go over the marker with nail polish remover a few times to completely wipe it off of the surface of the cup.


That’s all it takes to add a custom engraved design to anything!


Repeat the same steps with the muddler. Be careful not to apply too much pressure while removing the permanent marker from the muddler. You might strip the finish off.


Repeat the same steps to your jigger to complete your matching set!


Who wouldn’t love getting this awesome cocktail set as a wedding gift?


If none of your friends are in a rush to get married, make this set for you and your best friend, aka the Master of Mischief and her Partner in Crime.


It’s off to the races with your newly minted (terrible mint julep pun very much intended) cocktail cups!

What else are you engraving? Show us your project by tagging us on Instagram and using the hashtag #iamcreative!

DIY Production and Styling: Marianne Koo
Photography: Kurt Andre