Flowers — we <3 you. However, our love is short lived, because flowers eventually die and the smell turns from glorious fragrance to stale, moldy water — ick! This Galentine’s Day, send your bestie flowers that (just like her) never turn into ick. Follow along below to learn four different felt flower techniques to make the most beautiful fake bouquet you’ll lay eyes on.


Materials and Tools:


Felt Roses


The base of your flower will include a stem wire and small green circle of felt. For the petal portion, simply trace a circle onto your choice of felt and cut out. Start at the edge and slowly cut a spiraling line into the center of the circle. Scallop the outer edge of your spiral to get the best rose effect. Starting from the inner portion of the circle, roll and glue the spiral to create the rose. Hot glue the flower to the stem, and then slide the green circle on the bottom and attach with glue to the base of the rose.


These perfect pink roses were a breeze to make.

Felt Dahlias


Dahlias are a little more work than the roses. They require about 40 teardrop petals that are about one inch long. You will also need to pre-cut a three-inch strip with a pointed edge and a green circle before you get started.


Grab your three-inch pointed strip and wrap it around the top of your stem wire. Add a dab of hot glue to the bottom section of a petal and pinch together. Hot glue to the outer edge of the wrapped pointed strip. Continue creating the pinched petals and hot glueing them to the outer edge of the flower until you have created a decent sized dahlia. Slip the green felt circle onto the bottom and glue in place.


These flowers are a lot of work, but they will definitely add pizzazz to your bouquet.

Felt Ranunculus


Ranunculus are a little less work than dahlias but still require a lot of time dedicated to petal cutting. Cut out about 20 quarter-sized round petals and one green felt circle for the bottom of the flower.


Start by cutting a small hole into one felt circle and hot glueing it to the tip of the flower stem. Pinch to form it into a cross shape. Add hot glue to the bottom edge of the felt petals and attach around the base of flower. Continue adding petals until the flower has grown to a decent size. Slide on the green felt circle and hot glue in place.


Here at B+C we will forever be team ranunculus <3 <3

Felt Anemones


Time to give your hands a rest — this flower only requires nine heart-shaped petals. Also cut out a fringe piece of gray that measures about two inches, a .5 x .5-inch gray square and a green felt circle.


Hot glue the square on the top of the stem wire to create the flower’s center and then wrap the gray fringe along the base. Glue four heart petals to the base of the flower stem and then glue the last five as the second tier of petals. Finish off the flower by glueing the green circle to the base of the flower.


Watch out, ranunculus, anemones could be my new favorite.

Felt Flower Buds


It isn’t a fresh bouquet without a few flowers that are getting ready to bloom. Create these flower buds by cutting out star shapes of pink and green felt. Slide onto a stem wire and hot glue the edges of the star together to form the bud. Pinch together and then glue the green pieces in place to finish off the bud.


A bouquet isn’t complete without pieces of greenery. Cut out various sizes of green leaves and hot glue to a stem wire.


Long, short, dark and light green leafy stems are just what our bouquet needs.


Gather them all together and secure your arrangement in place with a piece of wire.


Wrap the bottom of your bouquet in felt and secure with a ribbon. Place in a box to ship to your bae who lives far away.


A beautiful bouquet that will never spoil yet will make your BFF feel so spoiled.


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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Brittany Griffin

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