No offense, laptop cases, but you have a tendency to be鈥 well, how do we put this鈥 kinda boring. We want you to be secure enough to keep our laptops safe, but do you have to be so plain and blah? Instead of settling for that black nylon case, check out these pretty DIY cases that can be made in an hour or less. Whether you want a sleek leather look or a warm fuzzy case made out of a sweater, we鈥檝e got a case to match your personality!

1. Leather Wrap: This stylish case can be customized to fit whatever size laptop you have. It鈥檚 a neutral, simple case, making it a safe bet for gift giving. (via Camille Styles)

2.聽Floral Zip: We love the contrasting patterns and the extra long zipper, which makes it super easy to grab your laptop. The extra padding ensures nothing sad will happen to your tech while you鈥檙e carrying it around town. (via聽The Late Afternoon)

3. Notebook iPad Case: Got an old book you don鈥檛 mind cutting up? We鈥檒l show you how to turn an old fabric notebook into a stylish case for a tablet or a laptop.聽(via Brit + Co)

4. Marble Mac: If you want subtle protection, make this pretty laptop skin in a classic marble design. (via Design Lykke)

5. Golden Geometric Case: We love this geometric case with its shiny gold triangle accents! Black and white is a classic combo that you won鈥檛 get tired of. (via Fabric Paper Glue)

6. Leather Case: If you want the luxe look of a leather laptop case without the crazy price, check out this DIY. We made this case for聽$12, and it only requires basic sewing skills to make it a reality. Make it out of vinyl for a vegan option!聽(via Brit + Co)

7. Studded Envelope Clutch: Is that a purse or a tech case? It鈥檚 so pretty it could really go either way! (via Pretty Life Girls)

8. Canvas Laptop Case: Go bright and colorful with some paint and masking tape! The pattern options are unlimited, but we especially love this cheerful sunburst pattern. (via Brit + Co)

9. Sweater Case: Head to the thrift store and find a cool sweater for this awesome case! The little leather snap makes this look extra classy. (via The Merry Thought)

10.聽Wool Laptop Sleeve: If you want a case slim enough to throw in your purse or backpack, then you鈥檒l like this sleek wool sleeve that has just the right amount of protection without taking up too much room. (via Say Yes)

11.聽Felted Sleeve: These laptop sleeves can be sewn in under an hour and are easy enough for the beginner seamstress. They are minimalist and simple enough to be a gift idea for the tech loving guy in your life.聽(via The Felted Fox)

12. Canvas Button Up Sleeve: This padded canvas laptop sleeve provides stylish protection for your laptop. It is easy to put together, but you could dress it up with little extras, like contrast stitching and buttons for a splash of color or a pocket for keeping your cables wrapped!聽(via The Crafty Kitty)

13. Leather Laptop Case: This little project聽is one piece of leather bound together by simple brass rivets. In less than an hour, you could be taking it with you to the coffee shop. (via Oh Happy Day)

14. Color Block Case: Get creative with contrasting colors and stitching options for this colorful case! The flap is velcro so the laptop doesn鈥檛 slide out. (via I Spy DIY)

15.聽Envelope Case: Tie it up with a bow on these adorable and colorful felt cases. You鈥檒l want to make one for every device in your arsenal! (via Purl Bee)

16. Glam Leather Laptop Case: Forget 鈥済eek chic,鈥 this 10-minute DIY is just regular type chic. And did we mention it can be whipped up in 10 minutes? That = a lot of extra time for your other projects ;) (via Brit + Co)

What case is your favorite? Would you make one out of a sleek leather or a funky sweater? Talk to us in the comments below!