It takes some work (and some products) to get us looking as gorgeous as we do every morning. Whether you’re a mascara/moisturizer-and-go kind of gal or if you plan out your eye shadow colors the night before, we’re willing to bet you’re going to need a place to store it all. So here are 10 easy DIY hacks that you can use to give your things a little more order and control. And yes, that also means a faster morning routine.

1. Glitter Vases: Stack brushes, mascaras or anything you like inside. You could even turn one into a pretty flower vase to add some color to your bathroom. (via Oh My Creative)

2. Plastic Bottle Vases: Turn a brightly colored soda bottle into a pretty vase. You can customize the sizes to hold everything from cotton swabs to cotton balls to lip sticks. (via Pluii)

3. Repurposed Boxes: What to do with all those leftover gift boxes? Cut them down, then layer them into drawers for an easy way to compartmentalize all your makeup goodies. (via Beautiful Kayekie)

4. Tree “Trunk” Brush Storage: The perfect solution for any naturalist or green makeup lover out there. (via Natalme)

5. Magnetic Z Palette: This project takes a little longer than most, but the chance to make customized little makeup palettes is pretty hard to pass up. (via Brit + Co)

6. Sand Art: Play with your favorite shades by layering gravel or colored sand into glass tumblers, which will keep your brushes upright rather than cluttered together. Might we suggest picking something that pops against your room’s color scheme? (via Life Ann Style)

7. DIY Kit Ceramic Vanity Tray ($30): Top your dresser with this cute catch-all for holding freestanding objects like nail polish, deodorant and body lotions. Top with a corresponding jewelry tray to avoid clutter in the future.

8. Hanging Makeup Organizer: This DIY might look complicated, but trust that no sewing skills are required. (via A Girl and a Glue Gun)

9. Repurposed Shoe Storage: If even a no-sew project seems like too much work and if you’re serious about makeup (and we mean really serious), then this might be the solution for you. (via Cosmopolitan)

10. Candlestick Hack: Turn an old candlestick and two fancy plates from your local dollar store into this gorgeous catch-all/storage unit that would look perfect in your bathroom. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

Which of these easy storage hacks inspires you the most? Ready to show off your collection of makeup? Tell us in the comments below!