We’ve always been big fans of metallics, but 2014 is their year to shine (literally) in home decor. Copper is trending like whoa, disco balls are even making their way into living rooms and you know what that means? There’s never a better time to find all the best gold-leafing DIYs out in Internetland and bring them to your screen.

1. Gold Leaf Vases: You went to the trouble of going out and picking flowers from your neighbor’s garden, so you might as well give those buds the spotlight that they deserve. (via By Wilma)

2. DIY Cement Pots: Also hot this year, concrete hacks. Yup, things are getting industrial up in here. (via Ruffled)

3. Flower Pots: Just a touch of gold leaf, and blamo! Plain Jane terra cotta pots are suddenly the talk of the garden. (via Brit + Co.)

4. Wooden Bowls: From rustic to fancy times with the stroke of a paint brush. (via This Heart of Mine)

5. Candle Holders: Go to the thrift store. Buy a ton of ugly candlestick holders. Paint them white. Gild them. Then remember how expensive taper candles are. Bah! (via Brit + Co.)

6. Milk Bottles: Because… why not? (via This Heart of Mine)

7. Ceramic Animal Sculpture: We heart Mandy Pellegrin of Fabric Paper Glue for a reason. Well actually, we love her for lots of reasons, but in this case, it’s because she turned an ugly plastic toy into this safari statement piece. (via Fabric Paper Glue)

8. Agate Coaster: Listen up, Liberace lovers. We’ve found a DIY that you need to complete to put the finishing touch on your baroque mansion. (via Hi Sugarplum)

9. Gold Monogram Vintage Plates: It’s off to the flea market we go, and this time, we’re on a mission… a mission for vintage plates. (via The Sweet Escape)

10. Adventures in Gold Leafing: Really, you can put this stuff on anything… bowls… cake plates… your dog… we kid! No letters to the editor, please! (via A Beautiful Mess)

11. Confetti Dish: Did someone say confetti? Oh, you know we’re so in. (via Vitamini Handmade)

12. Pinecone Garland: Pinecones, they’re not just for Christmas anymore. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

13. Gold Leaf Pumpkin: And while we’re smashing all your seasonal misconceptions, go ahead and gold leaf a pumpkin… yes, in April. (via Julep)

14. Ikea Desk Hack: If you’re anything like the creators of this tutorial, get ready: It’s going to be your favorite project EVER. (via Style Me Pretty Living)

15. The Studio: We like the idea of gold leafing lots of items in a room to tie it all together. In this studio, not only was a table given the golden treatment, but the owner also chose to glam out little details, like the handles on the cabinet. (via The Handmade Home)

16. Pastel Gold Leaf Art: Because you can never have enough wall art… but seriously… really… you can’t. (via Glitter and Goat Cheese)

17. A Collection of Shimmery Stuff: Our most recent discovery: One Kings Lane has some pretty bad ass tutorials. We’re especially digging these darts and chair projects. Props. (via One Kings Lane)

18. Papier Mache Giraffe Rings Dish: What’s with everyone wanting to turn giraffes into gold? Not that we’re against it. (via Delightfully DIY)

19. Tortoise Shell: Don’t worry… no real shells were harmed in the making of this art. It’s a falsie. (via Shore Society)

20. Gold Patterned Cactus Planters: Forget dusty southwestern style. Cacti go glam with just one touch from that totally marvelous Mr. Midas. (via Brit + Co.)

What are you giving the Fort Knox treatment to? Let us know in the comments below!