Lately we’ve had a hankering for some good home cooking. We’ve tried our hand at making killer breakfasts, easy appetizers and unexpected main courses, and all signs point to one important ingredient — fresh herbs.


We were inspired by Chef Dawn Perry’s Hickory Chicken Strips with Ranch Yogurt Dip recipe to start our own little parsley plant, the perfect multi-purpose herb for all kinds of recipes, contained in a beautifully simple DIY ceramic pot.


For more recipes, head over to the LAY’S® Wavy Cookbook and see what else we’ve got cooking.



– white ceramic pot

– flat leaf parsley seeds

– Wonder Soil expanding pellet

– gold paint pen

– paper plant marker

– toothpick

Additional Supplies

– scissors

– double-sided sticky tape


Grab your supplies and let’s get our green thumb on!


First order of business: get those parsley seeds soaking in a jar or bowl of warm water and leave to soak overnight. This will kickstart the germination process by breaking down the tough outer casing of the parsley seeds.



Draw a fun design onto your ceramic pot in gold paint pen. We drew a few simple geometric shapes and lines to fill it in. If you make a mistake, quickly scrub it off with a wet paper towel and soap and then continue drawing.


For another take on paint pen designs, write a fun phrase in cute lettering — words of encouragement to your little plant are always a good idea ;) These gold pens mean business and can survive a good hand wash or water spill once fully dry, so your design is safe!



Place your pre-soaked parsley seeds onto a paper towel to drain and let dry for a few minutes.


In a medium-sized bowl, slowly pour 1 1/4 cup of water onto your Wonder Soil tablet and watch it expand.


Mix up your expanded soil to aerate it and then spoon into your decorated ceramic pot.


Sprinkle a few pre-soaked seeds over your soil. Try to spread them out a bit so they are not too crowded.


Cut out your paper plant marker with scissors and attach to your toothpick with double-sided tape. If you want more of these cute paper leaves to use for other plants, check out our full printable here!


Pop your plant marker into the soil and follow watering instructions on the back of your seed packet. When your seeds start sprouting into little seedlings (in about 20-30 days), you may want to remove some and put them in other pots or an outdoor garden so they don’t get too crowded.


Once your parsley plant is fully grown, it’s time to incorporate this versatile herb into your cooking!


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Looking for more recipes to put your pretty new planted herbs to work? Head over to the LAY’S® Wavy Cookbook and get inspired!


This post is a collaboration with LAY’S® Wavy.

DIY Production and Styling: Lee Schellenberger

Photography: Kurt Andre