You’ve got your dream engagement ring, and now that you’ve put months into planning your wedding, it’s time to say those vows, kiss your man and put that second band on your finger! Today we’re going to DIY a wooden ring bearer box for your favorite little guy to carry down the aisle. What we love about this piece is that it’s a great memento of your special day that you can later turn into a memory box. Fill it with precious wedding paper goods (like DIY calligraphy invitations and DIY watercolor save the dates), photos and trinkets from your wedding day or honeymoon. Special shout out to Mama Misty for making Elijah look so darn cute!



wooden box
— stain

— 1/4 yard velvet

— fiber fill

— Velcro

— ribbon


— wood burner

— hot glue gun

— scissors

— sewing machine

— pencil



1. Use a pencil to mark your design on top of the box, then trace over it with your wood burner.

2. Grab a rag or paper towel, and apply a coat of stain to the box. Let dry.

3. Cut two rectangles of velvet to fit the size of your box. Stack them with the velvet side facing in, then sew three sides, turn right side out and stuff with fiber fill. Use a hot glue gun to close the last open edge of the pillow.

4. Cut two pieces of ribbon (about two inches long) and apply Velcro to each end. Attach the Velcro together to create a loop. Glue each loop to the center of the pillow with about three inches in between (depending on the size of your box).


Wood burners are tricky, so we recommend practicing on the bottom of the inside of the box before starting on the front side. Use a pencil to mark your design and then trace with the wood burner.


Use a rag to apply wood stain to the box. The more coats you apply, the darker the finish will be.


Cut two pieces of velvet to the size of the inside of your box. Ours was about eight-by-five inches. Stack them with the velvet sides facing in, then sew three sides, turn right side out and stuff with fiber fill. Use a hot glue gun to secure the last open edge.


Place the velvet pillow in the box. We didn’t hot glue ours into the box, but I would recommend doing so to make sure the rings don’t get lost. During our photo shoot, we found that Elijah loved to pull the pillow out of the box :)


Cut two pieces of ribbon that are about two inches long. Stick Velcro on each end of the ribbon, and then attach the ends to form a loop. This is where you’ll add your rings! Hot glue the loops to the velvet pillow.


His + hers have never looked so good!


Elijah stepped in to help model this ring bearer box, and let’s just say his outfit was on point!


Who me? I bring these to you? Maaaaaybe :)

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Kurt Andre
Modeling: Elijah Spinney