Nothing brings a chic and casual look together better than the perfect tote. Whether you buy or DIY, you can find a bag to fit any mood, color scheme or errand. With farmers’ market season upon us, we’re sharing our fave totes you’ll want to stuff full of goodies. These stylish accessories prove that it’s possible to be eco-friendlyand stylish.


sailboat bag

1. Deauville Market Tote ($36): Even if we can’t spend every summer weekend on a boat, we can still accessorize for the part.

yellow square bag

2. Maze Carryall Tote ($52): You can kiss those gray skies goodbye with this bag. We’re all for adding a ray of sunshine to any errand.


3. Baggu Dipped Tote Bag ($45): This is not only large enough to carry a week’s worth of groceries, but it can be monogrammed and personalized to fit your style. Thanks, West Elm!


4. Farmers Market Bag ($15): Doesn’t the image of flowers in this bag just look like an Insta shot waiting to happen? Thankfully, it’s not all for show. This bag offers plenty of functionality for a market trip.

you are loved

5. You Are Loved ($18): You never know who you’ll come across on the streets. This simple reminder might be just what they need.

triangle bag

6. Geometric Tote Bag ($75): Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to measure the acute angle of these patterned triangles.

eggs and bread

7. Eggs & Bread Tote Bag ($25): Isn’t it great when our grocery reminders are right in front of our face?

market list

8. Market Tote ($36): This market list might be appealing to our celebratory side, but who are we to deny an everyday celebration?


diamond triangle bag

9. Triangle Tote Bag: Seriously, we can never have too many colorful patterns in our life. We want to make this asap. (via Make and Tell)

eat your veggies

10. Eat Your Veggies: Send a snap of this bag to mom. We know it will make her proud. (via Oh Happy Day)

easy guest gift bag

11. Quote It: At your next girls’ night in, grab your BFFs and create bags filled with your favorite quotes and inside jokes. We’re obsessed with the Beyoncé one. (via Oh Happy Day)


12. Painted Tote: Once you master this DIY, you can create enough to match all of your outfits. (via Brit + Co)


13. Photo Transfer Tote: We LOVE the idea of toting around our favorite photos. We bet you’ll have to make a bunch to accommodate all of your photo gems. (via Say Yes)


14. Minimalist Tote Bag: This one requires a bit of sewing, but we promise the end result will leave you with a one-of-a-kind bag that’s equally perfect for the grocery store or a weekend getaway. (via Design Sponge)


15. Picnic Blanket Tote Bag: This bag not only carries your produce, but it also transforms into a blanket for an impromptu picnic in the park. Talk about a dual purpose! (via Brit + Co)


16. Iron-On Tote Bag: We love a bag that speaks our mind and keeps us grounded. (via Alice and Lois)

Do you prefer to buy or DIY your totes? Tell us in the comments!