Big news, people: California just became the first state to ban single-use plastic bags. Several big cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco have already started ditching plastic, but starting July 2015, convenience and grocery stores in Cali will be going straight paper, which will cost you ten cents per bag.

A state as big as California ditching all of their plastic bags will make a noticeable impact on streets and in waterways, not to mention in the pollution created making the bags. It’s a win, win, win. But, wait! There’s another win: Reusable totes are way cuter! California is surely just the first of many states to start ditching plastic for good so it’s time to up your tote game and shop in eco-aware style. We gathered 30 of the cutest totes that you can use on your next errand run, to go grocery shopping and to be kinder to Mama Nature as you do so.

1. The Market Tote by by Amanda Catherine Designs ($32): Shop like we imagine Parisians do with this gilded beauty. If only macaroons were on our grocery list everyday!

2. Bohemian Market Basket ($64): Here’s a market bag that we’d love to carry everywhere. The basket look is so chic.

3. Groceries Tote ($24): Grocery shopping isn’t always fun, but with this sarcastic bag, it’s hard not to grin

4. Kale-Afornia Recycled Tote by Tree Kisser ($17): Of course the trendiest green around gets its own punny bag.

5. Ligatures Tote Bag ($15): Type lovers, unite! These type totes will definitely get you some compliments while pleasing your inner type nerd.

6. Cockatoo Tote ($40): Go tropical with this birdy bag, trimmed with embroidered detail.

7. The Artist Tote by Casey D. Sibley Art + Design ($89): The heavy duty strap on this one means you can haul an extra load.

8. Chic Weekend Tote: We painted these totes and added gold studs for an extra bit of class. Try it for yourself!

9. Market Tote ($50): So, so classic. This bag goes with everything and can serve as a great overnight bag too.

10. Recycled Grocery Tote: Make this cute one yourself with old plastic grocery bags and parchment paper. Easy and awesome.

11. Upcycled T-Shirt Tote Bag: This was made from an old T-shirt and iron-on letters. Totally cute!

12. Navy Dots Carryall Tote by Maika ($48): Bring on the navy! Our new favorite neutral will serve you well on your errand carry-all.

13. Spray Dyed Tote: This adorable tote is seriously so easy to make. Trust us, we’re the ones who made it.

14. Globe Foldable Tote Bags (2 for $6): While you’re saving the earth one bag at a time, carry your reusable bag around as a little globe. Uh, too cute.

15. Picnic Bag($65): Whoa! This clever Kickstarter success goes from a bag to a blanket in a snap.

16. Tote Bag Blanket: Orrrr, you can DIY your own — pick up picnic supplies, unload, unwrap and have a bag to bring it all in wen you’re done. How perfect is this?

17. Buddha Tote ($20): Hey, boho babe, we have your tote for the next music festival/trip to the farmers market.

18. Farmers Market Bag ($20): A cotton mesh bag is so perfect for picking up fresh produce, and it’s easy to roll up and throw in a bigger bag.

19. Grocery Tote Bag ($110): The paper grocery bag just got seriously upgraded. This beautiful handmade tote is one we’d like to carry everywhere.

20. Farmers Market Tote ($20): Old coffee sacks make great grocery totes. This Etsy maker is a total pro at it.

21. Gold Bottom Tote: Believe it: This gorgeous tote was handmade. Make this and you’ll feel like a DIY rockstar.

22. Standard Baggu ($9): It’s a classic. The Baggu folds to be super small so you can have it in your purse whenever those last-minute grocery trips pop up.

23. Great Big Bag of Stuff by Happy Jackson ($10): We’d love to know how much stuff you could fit in here. We’re guessing a whole lot.

24. Mercado Multi-Compartment Tote ($20): Who knew bags could be so innovative? This grocery tote has compartments so you don’t need individual produce bags.

25. Gecko Traders “Bucket” Bag ($25): You can go for more of a vintage feel with this print.

26. Heart Stripe Canvas Tote ($20): Show your food some serious love with this poppy heart.

27. Produce Totes: Whether you’re picking veggies from your garden or the farmers market, they are safe in this cute produce tote.

28. Let’s Go Sailing Tote by Honey & Bloom ($25): Indulge your wanderlust with this traveler’s tote, sure to encourage new recipes from foreign places.

29. Springy Market Tote: A little painters tape can go a long way. Pick your colors and get ready to DIY.

30. Dip Dyed Basket Tote: You had us at “neon.” Then you had us again at “dip dyed” and “tassels.” This DIY basket tote was basically made for us.

Which grocery tote is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!