Okay, so you have more than a few woven wall hangings — maybe enough to keep you warm all winter long? No judgment. The first step is to admit you have a weaving addiction. The second step is to start thinking beyond the woven wall hanging before you find yourself living in a fluffy, woven, tasseled cocoon. Whether you want to add mini versions to your DIY jewelry box or you’re looking for more home accessories that could use a touch of yarn, these 11 DIY projects are the perfect way to bring more weaving into your life when you run out wall space.


1. DIY Woven Necklace: Anyone else look at a rad piece of wall art and think, “Man, I’d love to wear that?” Yeah, us too. Turn your love of weaving into a serious statement necklace with this adorable mini woven pendant. (via Brit + Co)


2. DIY Woven Planter: You might get a little jealous of how cozy your little plant looks sitting in this color-blocked planter. Plus it’s easy to customize the size of this basket. Add more colors for a pop, or keep it neutral to fit your home decor. An air plant would be ideal in this type of planter so you don’t have to worry about drainage issues. (via The Lovely Drawer)


3. DIY Woven Cuff: What do you get when you can’t decide between a weaving project or a jewelry project? You might get something that looks a little like this mini tapestry cuff. Just make sure you make a couple because everyone in your #squad is going to want one. (via Brit + Co)


4. DIY Woven Raffia Basket: Sitting at a loom is great, but sometimes you need a weaving project that is down to hit the road. If you’re looking for a more portable craft, woven raffia baskets are a great option. There are minimal materials so you can take your weaving addiction right along with you. (via We Are Scout)


5. DIY Yarn Embroidered Baskets: Wicker baskets offer a sturdy go-to for organization and storage, but they’re also kind of boring. Dress up a plain basket with some neon yarn or embroidery thread and you’ll have a catch-all tray you won’t mind having on display. (via Design Improvised)


6. DIY Woven Floor Pouf: Not loving the idea of buying a loom? Guess what — no loom required for this mini floor pouf. Grab a saucer sled and you’ve got the perfect sized loom to put together your babe’s favorite new stool. (via Brit + Co)


7. DIY Woven Pillow: Once you’ve nailed the basics of weaving, it’s hard not to weave up all kinds of home decor. Take those textures to the bed or couch with some DIY throw pillows. Weave a small piece, sew a back, fill with stuffing and then sit back (literally) to admire your handiwork. (via A Beautiful Mess)


8. DIY Woven Hanging Planters: Take a hanging planter, add yarn and you’ve got the perfect recipe for an indoor garden party. Add tassels, knots and lots of bright colors for some ridiculously adorable planters. (via Fall for DIY)


9. DIY Paper Basket: Not all weaving projects require a trip to the craft store for yarn. You can weave a really cool basket out of plain old copy paper. If you’re looking for the best DIY spa gift, this affordable option is a great way to get the perfectly-sized basket. (via South by North)


10. DIY Woven Keychain: The only thing better than weaving is a piece of weaving you can take with you… out of the house… into other places where you can show it off. This keychain is a way more sane way to boast about your weaving skills than wearing that wall hanging like a cape. Trust us. (via Enthralling Gumption)


11. DIY Woven Placemat: If you’re ready to think outside the basket, tackle this circular weaving project to make colorful chargers or trivets. More than just a quick DIY project, these mats are serious pieces of art. (via Brit + Co)

What weaving projects have you tried? Share them with us on Instagram using the hashtag #iamcreative.