Looking for an Easter decor solution without an expiration date? We got our hands on these adorable wooden eggs and decided with a little paint pen love and personalization, these would do the trick!


To make this fun little project even easier, we packaged all the materials into our Wooden Easter Egg Kit, available in the B+C Shop for $20. Each kit includes 6 eggs, 3 paint pens and plenty of green crinkle paper ready to be repurposed as Easter grass!



– wooden eggs

– paint pens

– green crinkle grass


1. Start your pens by pressing the point down repeatedly on a scrap piece of paper.

2. Practice a few designs on paper first.

3. Draw your designs onto your eggs.

4. Let dry for 10 minutes or so.

5. Style them up and display on your table, or gift them separately to your friends and family.


It’s really that simple. A fun little DIY to get in the swing of Spring!


First up, get those pens going on a piece of scrap paper. Simply press down the felt pen point repeatedly until the paint starts flowing. Then test out a few fun designs on paper before starting in on your eggs.



For these first two eggs, the game is simple. Write a cute phrase on your egg in one color (we couldn’t resist the easter puns), and then add little shadowed details in gold.


The trick to shadowing letters is to choose two sides and only outline those sides. We chose to outline the bottom and right side of every letter to really make the phrase pop.



The next two egg designs utilize small geometric shapes to create an all-over pattern. For this one we made little plus signs in all three colors.


For this triangle design, we connected them together at the points, so it looks like a grid of triangles.



The last two eggs get into some heavy shading. Draw outlines of large and small triangles onto your egg in all different colors, and then shade in each one.


This last design is a play on plaid (look at us getting all preppy in time for Spring!) Draw on some criss-crossing stripes in pink and orange and then draw thin lines over them in gold.


Check out that lineup of eggsquisite designs! Each one with its own personality.


We wanted to show these off at our Easter brunches, so we whipped up some crepe paper flowers to display together. Check out this separate tutorial to learn how we made these crepe creations!


Nothing prettier than these little eggs nestled in with paper flowers.


Wicker baskets are so last century, so we popped these eggs into one of these awesome Gemma Patford rope bowls. Grab one for yourself in the B+C Shop! And as an added bonus, the green crinkle paper we use to pack our Wooden Easter Egg Kit doubles as decorative grass!


Surprise your brunch guests with their own wooden egg and paper flower to take home! Everyone loves a good egg ;)

What other easter egg DIYs are you whipping up this year? Tell us in the comments below.